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New mythic skins let's go!

LoL Patch 13.12: Crystalis Motus Named New Mythic Thematic

Skins 12-06-2023 14:58
Crystalis Mortis Leona
Crystalis Motus is the new skin line! | © Riot Games

Riot is going to be introducing a brand-new mythic skin theme in LoL Patch 13.12. These skins will be part of the skin rotation for the next year, much like the Ashen Knight skins have been. 

The new skin line will kick off with one of our favorite and most iconic support champions Leona as she dons the new mythic thematic, Crystalis Motus!


Crystalis Motus: New Mythic Theme In LoL Patch 13.12 

In 2022 Riot decided to overhaul the mythic themes in League of Legends, with many players not liking the Hextech skins anymore and finding them rather outdated. They then introduced a new yearly mythic theme which will rotate throughout a year. 

Last year, and halfway through 2023, that theme was the Ashen Knight theme, but now Riot is going to be adding new skins into the mix with a whole new thematic. 

The new skin line will take on a similar dark and purple theme as Ashen Knights, but with a unique crystal mix which sets it apart from it's predecessors. We do see a purple theme though emerging with the mythic thematics. This new crystal-theme though looks elegant and insane so we hope Riot keeps the high standard for the rest of the mythic skins of the Crystalis Motus skin line. 

The mythic skins cost a lot more and are quite rare. If anyone wants to get their hands on Ashen Knight Pyke or Mordekaiser, they'll have to wait and hope that the skins will be made available in the mythic shop. But do you really need Ashen Knight Mordekaiser after seeing Crystalis Motus Leona? 

So now, with the LoL PBE 13.12 just around the corner the new skin line will be introduced to us, along with a new TFT set and other new skins. 

More Crystalis Motus Skins Revealed

In a recent dev blog, Riot 100 PC Nuggets also revealed the next champions that will be part of the Crystalis Motus skin line. After Leona, Taliyah and Ashe will also be receiving skins for this skin line. 

Taliyah is deserving of such a unique and fun skin concept and whiel the skins are purple, at least they're not blue so they'll really stand out. 

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