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League of Legends: New Ultimate Skin Revealed

Skins 12-06-2023 14:40
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LoL Skins: Finally Samira is getting some love. | © Riot Games

There have been some rumours about a new skin tier getting introduced, as well as Samira being the recipient of these skins. In a recent dev blog though, Riot revealed their plans for Samira and her next skin and they're even bigger... and more expensive. 

 The next champion to receive an ultimate skin, after almost 3-years is going to be none other than Samira. When will this skin release though and what do we know about this new look for the Desert Rose? 

LoL Skins: New Info On Upcoming Ultimate Skin Revealed

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Riot recently revealed that the next champion to receive an ultimate skin is none other than Samira. She is going to be getting her skin during the 2023 League of Legends summer event, which means that it will be a Soul Fighter skin, if we can trust the skin leaks. 

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In recent times, Riot have put in more effort into creating legendary skins, adding in unique pentakill celebrations, or cool screen overlays. Going into the Samira skin, it was supposed to be a legendary skin, but the skins team kept adding on to the skin, thus creating the next ultimate skin instead. 

But as we got working, we kept adding more and more... and more to her skin because we were excited by how perfectly Samira fit into the thematic and at the opportunity that we saw with her skin

So, with more and more tech added to the skin, unique assets and modelling, the team decided to shift gears and have made a new ultimate skin. This means Samira is going to be the one to receive the seventh ultimate skin in all of League of Legends. 

The team has taken their ultimate skin philosophy of creating "something truly special" for this skin and made it just that. The skin will release with the 2023 summer event, which should release around LoL Patch 13.14.

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