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What are Ultimate Skins?

League of Legends Ultimate Skins Guide

Skins 06-05-2024 17:46

League of Legends offers a range of skin categories, each with its own price point. Among these, ultimate skins are the most expensive, excluding prestige versions. In this discussion, we will explore the features that define an ultimate skin and list the skins that belong to this elite category.

KDA All out Seraphine superstar
Can't go wrong with a Seraphine skin. | © Riot Games

Recently, Riot have also revealed even more exclusive content with mythic variants, but it seems that most of the community still prefers ultimate skins. 

We love our Dark Star Jhin or our Dawnbringer Soraka skin, but are they considered ultimate skins? No, there are clear lines that define these skins – and we're not just talking about the price – so let's check it out. 


League of Legends Ultimate Skins: What Makes Them So Special?

Ultimate skins are the most expensive skin tier in League of Legends. Most of them cost around 3250 RP – with one exception which we will get to later. Why are they so expensive though? Well, these skins usually have new tech included, though according to a blog post in 2020 this might change in the future. 

These skins take a much longer time to make than regular skins, which is another reason why they're more expensive. The skins are meant to make players feel like they purchased something special from Riot Games. 

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How Many Ultimate Skins Exist in League of Legends? 

Currently, there are only six ultimate skins in League of Legends. When you look at the complete skins catalogue with over 1,400 skins, this is a tiny percentage of existing skins, right? 


All Ultimate Skins in League of Legends 

Pulsefire Ezreal | 3250 RP

The first ultimate skin to be released was for none other than Pulsefire Ezreal all the way back in 2012. To this day, he's got some of the best lore of any skin, travelling through the different universes and having something to say about all of them. But it's not just the lore that's amazing, the skin itself is also really cool. 

Pulsefire Ezreal Lore 1
This skin is 9-years-old already. | © Riot Games

This skin has four different forms and whenever Ezreal reaches a new point in his ultimate the skin evolves. This was the first of its kind, and it's actually super interesting and well done. Oh, and thankfully the skin got revamped in 2018 when Ez received a visual update, so now it looks worth the price. 

Spirit Guard Udyr | 3250 RP

Udyr will be receiving a visual and gameplay update in 2022 and this skin will also be revamped. It was released all the way back in 2013 and has received a small visual uplift in 2019 to make it worth it's price. We do think that with the rework this skin is going to be fire though. 

Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skin HD
Udyr is unstoppable with this skin. | © Riot Games

The skin has five different forms, all depending on the stances Udyr takes in-game. It seems like his rework is going to take heavy influence from his ultimate skin, so we're wondering just how he is actually going to be changed with the VGU in 2022. 


DJ Sona | 3250 RP

The League of Legends skin with the best dance animation is definitely DJ Sona and she deserves this ultimate skin more than anyone. It's actually such a fun and unique skin and I hope that Riot makes more skins like this, because DJ Sona is just super fun and unique. 

DJ Sona splash
I don't play Sona, but when I do I wear this skin. | © Riot Games

You can shuffle through three different forms that each have their own theme song: Concussive, Ethereal, and Kinetic. How do you toggle through the songs, though? Simple, by typing /toggle, /g or CTRL+5/CTRL+7 you decide which Sona you'll be jamming to. There is a reason this is one of her most popular skins, and this is one of them. 

Elementalist Lux | 3250 RP

Upon release, this skin was available for, 3950 RP. That is if you wanted to get the master edition of the skin. Now, you can only pick up the regular 3250 RP skin though – but truth be told this is expensive enough, right? 

This skin differs from the other ultimate skins on our list because you can choose from 10 different looks. Yes, you read that right, this skin has 10 different versions you can try out in-game. How does it work though? 

Elementalist Lux Wallpaper
My coworker has this skin and it looks amazing. | © Riot Games

When starting the game, you get to choose an element for Lux. Later on you attack opponents, gain stacks and once you've reached the right amount of stacks you can choose a second element which will then transform your Lux into a beautiful combination skin. 

  • Magma - Fire + Nature
  • Storm - Fire + Air
  • Mystic - Water + Nature
  • Ice - Water + Air
  • Dark - Nature + Air or Water + Fire


Gun Goddess Miss Fortune | 2275 RP

This is the only ultimate skin that doesn't cost you 3250 RP. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is a tad cheaper, because many fans did not feel this skin was 'ultimate' enough. Some even consider this skin just a legendary with extra chromas. 

MF Gun Goddess skin
I mean... the guns are enough to have me convinced... and you know what I mean by guns, right? | © Riot Games

For this skin, Riot created an in-game UI with which you can choose which Gun Goddess skin she should wear. This is different from DJ Sona where players are free to toggle through the different songs the DJ offers up.

K/DA All Our Seraphine | 3250 RP

This skin was Seraphine's debut skin and caused quite a lot of uproar in the community. How could Riot release a champion with an ultimate skin right off the bat? 

This skin has three different forms, showing Seraphine's journey as she works to become a superstar. You have to complete missions and play games to unlock the skins, as well as emotes and icons which are available when you purchase the K/DA All Our Seraphine skin. 

KDA Seraphine all skins
Which Seraphine will you choose? | © Riot Games

So, unlike other ultimate skins this one doesn't involve you choosing a chroma of a skin, but rather you'll have to work and unlock the three skins, making this a skin with 3 unique skins. Each skin has different backing animations and dance animations, making each one unique from one another.  

Soul Fighter Samira | 3250

In 2023 Riot revealed their plans for a new ultimate skin. According to the devs, this skin was originally meant to be a legendary skin, but as the team worked on it more and more, they decided to turn it into an ultimate. The skin was then released for the big summer Soul Fighter event. 

Soul Fighter Samira Splash
Samira's getting an ultimate skin! | © Riot Games

The Soul Fighter Samira ultimate skin was also used as the skin for the Riot Social Impact Fund for 2023 with 20% of it's proceeds throughout the Summer event going into the fund. 

The skin was heavily criticized for not being 'ultimate enough' and feeling more like a legendary+ skin, but as of writing this article, Riot has not changed its classification yet and turned it into a legendary+ skin. 

Will we be receiving new ultimate skins? Spirit Blossom Thresh was supposed to be made into an ultimate skin, but Riot decided against it and eventually made it a legendary skin instead. Which champion deserves an ultimate skin? I think Cho'Gath does. Give my void creature some love. 

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