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Will we see Noxus in season 2?

Arcane Theories: Noxus in Season 2

Lore 05-12-2021 12:30
Swain Coup Noxus
Noxus is a world power in Runeterra. | © Riot Games

Arcane has left us with a multitude of questions that we still need to answer. So, instead of waiting around until season 2 is finally released, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.

We’ve already had some theories regarding Noxus in season 1 in Arcane, and we’ve taken a look at Shimmer and where it comes from and what this substance represents, but now we’ve decided to go back to Noxus and check out what might happen in season 2.

Swain and Noxus

So, the Swain theory guys. Ravens everywhere. Ravens = Swain. Right? Right. So, there was probably a boatload of foreshadowing happening. The arrival of Ambessa Medarda was also a huge plot twist that hints at something far bigger happening.

Oh and we also believe that Swain had another cameo in Arcane season 1 that you might have missed. When Mel‘s mother visits, we find out her brother was killed. These are the literal lines from the show:

"Your Brother is gone."


"He crossed a powerful man. The man who killed your brother. He doesn’t think, it’s settled. And his resources far exceed ours."

He crossed a ‘powerful man’... a powerful man in Noxus… doesn't that sound like Swain? The Medarda’s are rich and powerful, so who could be more powerful than them other than Swain? If this is right before or around the time of his coup, then it could definitely be him.

Sadly, we don’t know the exact timeline and whether Blackwell has already been killed by Swain, but we like to think so, which could mean that Mel’s brother fell to Swain who wants to eradicate the rich aristocracy of Noxus.

Trade Routes to Noxus

Throughout Season 1 we heard speak of important trade routes. Noxus was always a focal point of those. But why is trade with Noxus so important? Why does the council of Piltover value Noxus so much?

Noxus is a great nation of strong warriors and it seems like Arcane might play around the time of the Ionian invasion. How do we know this? In Mel’s flashback, a young girl is killed that looks an awful lot like an Ionian.

So, to keep their invasion going Noxus needs a lot of weapons and we believe that Piltover is the port supplying them. But that’s just a theory guys.

So in season 2 we might get some glimpses of Ionia as well if we follow the storyline around Noxus as well. Will we get to see Darius and Draven as well?

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