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League of Legends: Riot Silently Added In Huge Feature To Improve Visibility

Patch Notes 17-05-2024 14:18

League of Legends has so many different effects and visuals it's hard to keep track at times. Now, Riot introduced a new feature that should help with visibility... at least with one aspect. 

Masked shaco
League of Legends: A new visibility feature has been added. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a complicated game with hundreds of effects, spells and abilities flying all over the place. Visibility is already an issue in the game, but now Riot is trying to work on making at least a few aspects of the game more clear and easier to recognize. 

In LoL Patch 14.10, Riot added in a bunch of new items, changing up the meta halfway through the year to keep things fresh, but there was one change, not noted in the patch notes, that could be big. 

League of Legends: Better Visibility Added To Game

Bewitching Neeko
No more confusing the Neeko clone. | © Riot Games

League of Legends just got a small visibility feature that will help players when they have a Neeko or Shaco on their team. We've all been there as a healer or a support, helping the clone of your ally's Shaco instead of saving the actual Shaco, right? 

Well, now Riot has implemented an ID for champions that can make a clone. So when Neeko or Shaco make a copy of themselves, then players on the same team will be able to tell which champion is the clone and which one is being operated by the player themselves. 

Split 2 has updates to Clone readability for allies. As of 14.10 you will see a new and more obvious healthbar for clones. No more healing the Shaco clone!

This is a great small change that will help with visibility, in the game, though some players have stated they would like some form of a different colored health bar or something along those lines to truly differentiate a clone from an actual champion. 

Riot Yasuna explained that the devs did test out various different ways to make sure that players can differentiate between the clone and regular champions, but that this was the best solution. 

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