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Could have bought a small car already? Yup, we feels the same...

How Much Money Did I Spend on LoL?

All K/DA Seraphine skins
How much money have you spent? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is technically a free to play game. Do you need skins to win a game? Not at all. Do you need an emote as well? Not exactly, the thumbs up emote everyone receives at the beginning is technically enough to tilt your opponent. 

Yet we all know that someone who will go all-out spending all of their tuition and grocery money just so they can have all the skins from a specific skin line. Come on Riot, you're releasing two Star Guardian prestige skins within one event, of course someone is going to go broke and that someone is going to be me. 

Where to See How Much Money You Spent on League

It's super easy to check the amount of money you've spent on League of Legends. The actual question is if you want to know how much money you have spent on cosmetics in League of Legends. Follow this link to get directly to the League of Legends support page.

  • Just log in with your Riot Games account
  • Then simply click on "show me the money"

Then Riot Games will show you how much money you have invested in their company. Certainly won't get a return there...but hey cool skins for you to play with are as good as... nope, not even trying.

How much money did I spend on LoL?
I guess quite a few of you can beat that amount, don´t you? | © Riot Games

Can You Only Spend Money on Skins in League of Legends? 

If you think that those €395.00 are only from skins, then you're gravely mistaken. In League of Legends you're also able to spend money on things like Rune pages, changing your account name or even chromas for skins you've already got. 

So, there are multiple things to spend money on in League of Legends and if you really want to give Riot some more money you can also spend money on TFT and the TFT battle pass, as well as Little Legend eggs and arenas. Of course, these are also just cosmetics that aren't necessary when playing Teamfight Tactics. 


Is League of Legends Pay-to-Win? 

Of course, there are some skins which players consider pay-to-win, but most of the time Riot will rework these skins so they do not give players an advantage in the game. So yes, there are some pay-to-win skins, but for most players these small advantages don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. 

So, how much money have you spent on League of Legends and do you regret some of you initial purchases? Do note, that Riot will be hiking up RP prices in August 2022, so make sure to pick up some RP before then if there are any skins you're truly eyeing.