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Gods and Godlike Beings in the LoL Universe

Lore 02-07-2022 23:45
Loved as a God, feared as a Man | © Riot Games

League of Legends is set in a high fantasy world, and as such, must have its own fair share of things that are worshipped, feared, or both. Unfortunately for the denizens of Runeterra, none of these have their best interests in mind.

A pantheon is a collection of Divine beings gathered around a common goal, or origin. That is where Pantheon himself got his name from, after all. In the wider Universe of League of Legends, there are multiple examples of this phenomenon.

What are the Deities in League of Legends?

As we said, deities and god-like beings in League of Legends take many forms, and most of them care not for the mortals' existence whatsoever. Some, on the other hand, use mortals as their own playthings. All in all, a very Greek mythos-like atmosphere.

Freljordian Demigods

The, seemingly, weakest god-like beings on our list consist of the, currently, three known Freljordian demigods. Those would, of course, be Anivia, Volibear, and Ornn.

Some fratricide is expected in demi-god families | © Riot Games

Their relationship can not be said to be a healthy one, with Volibear bent on domination, Ornn secluding himself in his grief, and only Anivia taking true care of her followers. It is unfortunate, then, that she is the weakest of them all.

Shuriman Ascended and Darkin

On the opposite part of Runeterra, we move away from the frozen wastes of Freljord, and to the sweltering sands of Shurima. Here lie the Sun Ascended Warriors of the Shuriman Empire, and the Darkin that are their fallen brethren.

Azir Classic
A true Emperor of the Sands | © Riot Games

These are former mortals who, due to their accomplishments, were given the honor of using the Sun-Disc and use the trapped Celestial Essence of Aurelion Sol, to ascend. Their power, even stolen, is not to be underestimated though, as Aatrox slew the Aspect of War in single combat.

Bilgewater Deities

There is not much that is known about the deities that surround the Bilgewater culture. One thing that is for sure is the fact that they are sea serpents of great size, as expected from the pirate theme the city sets.

Pyke 0
The list never seems to end | © Riot Games

Of course, Nagakabourous must be mentioned as well, as the greatest of them all, and a being with machinations of its own through its Avatars such as Pyke and Nautilus, and a cult worshipping it led by Illaoi.

The Ten

On the other hand, we have a group of beings whose power and origin is unknown, and yet there is no doubt that it is great. They are simply called the ten, and their existence has only recently been further expanded upon with the announcement of Nilah, the new ADC champion.

062222 08 Nilah Splash
Nilah is the one capable of killing most of the deities on this list | © Riot Games

The Ten are demons of, what appear to be, emotions. They feed off of them and have existed since the dawn of time. Currently, only the Demon of Fear, Fiddlesticks, and the Demon of Joy, Ashlesh are known.

The Targonian Aspects

Mortals who climb to the peak of Mount Targon are considered to have passed the trials and tribulations the climb sets upon them. Upon doing so, what seem to be remnants of ancient powers take notice of them, and make them their avatars.

The Aspect of the Protector sure loves his Gems | © Riot Games

There are many famous examples of this happening, ranging from mild and consensual, in the case of Taric, to the extreme possession of the avatar's body, in the case of Pantheon. Though that one didn't work out so well.

The Celestials

The most powerful beings on our list are, without a doubt, those that have been involved in the creation of Runeterra itself, as a sort of proving grounds for warriors that may take on the Void. Or, at the very least, harnessing the energies found therein, to fight against the Void themselves.

The Cosmic Caretaker | © Riot Games

Those are the Celestials, beings hailing from the far reaches of the cosmos, creating and destroying planets as they see fit. One of their number, Soraka, has descended upon Runeterr to be more involved with helping the mortals fight against the Void.

On the other hand, Aurelion Sol has been tricked by the Aspects and mortals, into giving up the knowledge of the Sun, creating the Sun Disc of Shurima, and never being able to some near the planet again.

Of course, Runeterra is filled with other beings of incredible power, just waiting to be unearthed. After all, only one continent is explored, with the second one just now being revealed. Who knows what kinds of beings await in the dark reaches of Runeterra, and the wider League of Legends universe.

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