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Top 3 Pyke Counters

Sentinels Pyke
This is how you counter Pyke | © Riot Games

Pyke is one of the most prominent picks in solo queue. He's a menace in the bot lane and even the mid lane, but today we're going to be focusing on bot lane support Pyke and how to counter him. 

Seriously, you see Pyke locked in and bite at your nails, well with these picks you won't have to worry because Pyke has no chance against any of them. These are the three best counters to Pyke! 

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Which Champions Counter Pyke? 

If you want to counter Pyke, you'll have to play champions with a shit ton of crowd control and damage to back it up. It's seriously that simple guys, but these are the champions that will send any Pyke main crying back to their mom. 

3. Rell 

Rell might be one of the least played champions in the bot lane, but she works wonders when going up against Pyke. She's much tankier than him and she can cc Pyke as well whenever he gets close to her. It's perfect to counter such a mobile champion. 

Battle Queen Rell
Rell is a really great pick into Pyke. | © Riot Games

When playing Rell into Pyke you don't care about getting hooked. You're way too tanky for Pyke to do anything to you. Even if you get stunned by him it won't matter. You can simply stun him as well and if you've got your ultimate up you can pull Pyke close with your magnetism. Pyke has to get close to you for his abilities to land and thanks to your own CC and your armor you can out-survive the squishy support any day. 


2. Morgana

Morgana is really good into Pyke thanks to her Black Shield and her binding. A Morgana binding is the single longest cc-ability in the game at max points and if you land it, then any Pyke is screwed, since he's extremely squishy and won't be able to survive the oncoming damage while being stunned. 

Dazzler Morgana
Pyke won't escape your clutches with Morgana. | © Riot Games

Pyke will have to get close to Morgana to try and take her down, but she is able to use her Black Shield to block his attempts at hooking her or stunning her. Then she can simply throw out her binding, add in her W for good measure and chunk Pyke down. He isn't tanky enough to survive for long even if he can regenerate health. 

1. Nautilus

Another champion that has both crowd control and durability! Like Rell, Nautilus is great into Pyke thanks to the amount of CC he's got and just how much damage he's able to take. He's much more durable than Pyke and has many different options of CC-ing the other support, which will make any Pyke player cry in anger. 

Shan Hai Nautilus
Nautilus is going to have a great time against Pyke. | © Riot Games

How much crowd control does Naut have? Way too much for Pyke to handle. Once again, there is the issue of range because Pyke will have to get close to Nautilus and the big guy can simply use his auto attack passive to his advantage and CC Pyke. Throw his ultimate down as well, and Pyke has no chance of survival. You can also slow Pyke with Naut, meaning you've got multiple options in this match up. 

These are some fo the best counters against Pyke. Of course, champions like Leona and Thresh also work wonders, but we've decided to check out the three we thought are easy to master. Thresh is a fun, yet complicated champion, which means he didn't make the list.