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One of League's most interesting Champions is receiving a rework!

Aurelion Sol Rework Leaked!

Champions 20-03-2022 14:54
Asol rework
This is pretty big news! | © Riot Games

In the midst of VGU's and ASU's coming soon as well new champions we learned just a few days ago Aurelion Sol is receiving a rework soon as well. 

While it's not entirely confirmed a popular leaker stated that it was a leak and not a bait. Additionally Spideraxe who is a Riot employee, has retweeted it. So it's safe to assume that it's pretty much confirmed.

Why does Aurelion Sol need a rework?

A lot of people are shocked that Aurelion Sol has been chosen for a rework, when so many older champions need it as well. Ever since his release however Aurelion Sol has been kind of a quirky and gimmicky champion, who instead of fulfilling the Star Forger power fantasy he just awkwardly maneuvers around his enemies to deal damage.

Some players enjoyed this unique playstyle, but the majority of the playerbase wishes his gameplay was a little bit more interesting to play, and to watch.

A ways back in an attempt to increase his playrate Riot made some big changes to how Aurelion Sol plays. Ever since then however his playrate has plummeted and he's been a nightmare to balance.

So not only does one of the most thematically interesting champions have an incredibly low playrate, he's also a nightmare to balance right now.

These things together is probably what's motivating Riot to rework him, and who are we to complain? The space doggy deserves the rework.

So what's actually happening?

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According to this video, Riot has been having high elo Aurelion Sol players come test the rework and give their thoughts.

From what they've said we are pretty sure that Aurelion Sol's Q and W are being completely redone, while his E is remaining unchanged.

A bit complaint with Aurelion Sol's current state is his passive, which causes stars to orbit him constantly. Instead of this ability making him thematically interesting, it makes him gimmicky and clunky to play. 

So in this rework it's extremely possible, to see this gimmick removed entirely. Aurelion will no doubt still summon stars and use them to attack opponents but they will likely behave entirely differently.

When can we expect the rework?

Riot Spideraxe said he was making the next champion roadmap right now, and that we can expect it in April. If Aurelion Sol's rework is any time soon, we can expect to hear about it in early April.

Roadmaps generally span 3-4 months out, so at the bare minimum we'll have Aurelion Sol around summer time, or we could have him as close as late April.

Either way, we have an incredibly exciting update coming to one of League's most iconic champions. So make sure to check us out at Riftfeed to stay updated on what's happening to the Star Dragon!

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