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These top laners are easy and fun!

The Best Top Laners for Beginners

Champions 03-09-2023 17:40
Demacia Vice Garen
These top laners are great for those just starting. | © Riot Games

You've just started League of Legends and want to know what champions are good to start off with? That's what we're here for to try and help you get a head start on your ranked climb this season. 

So, you want a powerful tank champion or someone to carry the game with? We've got it all in our tier list for beginners. These are some of the easiest top laners to get started with! 


3. Garen - The Might of Demacia 

Garen is one of the easiest champions to start off with. He's extremely tanky and won't be killed after getting ganked by a jungler. He's able to escape danger with his spin and he's also got some added armor and defense in his kit. 

Garen is also one of. thechampions with the most innate sustain in the game. Legit, his passive let's him heal back up without even needing to buy items, so even if you lose some HP you'll be safe if you play under tower for a bit and heal back up. 

Honestly, Garen is the perfect champion to start off with when playing League of Legends as a total beginner. You stay safe in the laning phase and once you have an item or two, you're able to execute enemies with ease thanks to his ultimate. You honestly, can't go wrong with Garen's simple and effective kit. 

2. Malphite - Shard of the Monolith

Dark Star Malphite
Honestly, this is a champion you can easily main. | © Riot Games

Malphite goes great into heavy AD comps, but we do suggest not picking him against champions that will melt tanks. But if you're just starting out then team comps won't even matter all that much anyways so go ahead and play this giant rock to your hearts content. 

Malphite has reliable point-and-click damage with which you can safely lane. While he is a melee champion his Q does give him a bit more range which will be great for any beginner players. You can keep your distance and still lane in peace. 

Finally, we get to his ultimate which is the most fun part of his entire kit. He can initiate fights with ease thanks to it and when combining it with his E after, slowing enemies trying to run away you'll be able to completely destroy your opponents. You can also go either full tank or full AP, depending how you want to pay. Seriously, this champion might be easy, but he's versatile and fun for starters. 

1. Sett - The Boss

Obsidian Dragon Sett Prestige HD
Sett is an easy to master champion! | © Riot Games

Sett is a simple champion. He's got two fists and he knows how to use them. He's also got one of the best early games from any top laner thanks to his Facebreaker and Haymaker combination. Just pull enemies in, and if yo're next to a wall it'll even stun them for a moment, then punch them to death. It's that easy. 

He's also a valuable player in teamfights since his ultimate can kidnap one enemy. You might die saving your team, but if you pick the right target it can be the key difference to a won fight. Either pick the team's frontline or the enemy backline and your team will thank you.

If you want a fun champion to start off with then you can't go wrong with Sett. He's tanky, has decent sustain and does so much damage that no other top laner can even come close to him. 

We hope you test out one of these three champions and have fun learning more about League of Legends. These champions will help you get a feel for the game and you'll be able to master League of Legends in other positions as well. 

Even TheShy had to start somewhere and wasn't a god on Irelia right off the bat, so keep playing and practicing to master the top lane

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