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Time to crush your enemies in the one-lane game mode!

Best Champions in ARAM

Champions 02-10-2022 16:30
Surprise, Teemo is also annoying in ARAM. | © Riot Games

ARAM, the game mode we love to play when we are tilted from the usual madness that is Solo Queue. Some players have left the Summoner's Rift for good and are now spending their time grinding in the Howling Abyss only. But who is currently the strongest champion in the game mode?

ARAM is a 5v5 game mode in League of Legends. Even though we already have a 5v5 mode available in LoL, it is quite different from the normal game we find on Summoner's Rift. In ARAM, the players are assigned a random champion to play and the map, Howling Abyss, only consists of one lane.

Right now, we find ourselves in Patch 12.18, and the League of Legends Worlds Championship is about to begin. The time between the Worlds 2022 matches is the perfect time to squeeze in a game of ARAM. For the occasion, we have gathered a list of champions we believe are especially strong in the one-lane game mode.

 8. Morgana

Halloween Morgana
Her ultimate paired with snowball can turn a game around | © Riot Games

Morgana has always been a great option in ARAM. Not only does she provide great crowd control with her Q, but she also has a good amount of poke with her W. In addition, her spell shield can avoid some strong abilities coming your way. It is no surprise that this champion has one of the highest win rates in ARAM, with 53.59%.

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If you are looking for a great way to engage with Morgana to get off your ultimate, try using the ARAM-exclusive Summoner Spell, Snowball, to get closer to the enemy team. Once you are in the middle of them, activate your ultimate. Because you are likely to be focused when engaging, Zhonyas Hourglass can be a good investment so you don't die before your ultimate has gone off. 

7. Vel'Koz

Vel Koz Splash no skin
Keep those tentacles away from my game. | © Riot Games

I don’t think many people are surprised to see this champion here. When Vel'koz comes to the Howling Abyss with his freaky tentacles, you know you are about to witness a shitshow. 

Vel'Koz strives in places where he can just sit in the back and poke the enemies, and ARAM, especially in the early game, is exactly this place. Not only can you poke down all your enemies early, but you are also a big threat later in the game with your ultimate. Because of all his poke and burst damage, we find this champion with a win rate of 53.89% in ARAM. 

6. Sion

Lumberjack Sion
Sion go BRRR | © Riot Games

Even though I just explained that Vel'Koz is so great because of his ability to poke down all the enemies in ARAM, Sion offers a completely different way of playing the one-lane game mode. 

No matter how much poke your team offers, it will be difficult dealing with a Sion charging up in your faces. Having tanks to take all the damage of the front line is also going to be beneficial for your team, and Sion is the perfect guy for the occasion. 

Now, some people are against tanks in ARAM, but I feel like our boy Sion can be an exception to the rule, right? It is also very fun ulting to the enemy nexus trying to take it down with the enemies retreating back from the lane, trying to stop you.

5. Ziggs 

Ziggs Mad Scientist
One word: Ultimate | © Riot Games

Not much to say here. Similar to Vel'Koz, Ziggs has various abilities that are great for poking someone down. The biggest reason why Ziggs is so strong is his R

You can have a Ziggs in your team, doing close to nothing, and as long as he goes full AP and ults when it is up, his ultimate alone can deal an immense amount of damage to the enemy team. 

4. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger 0
More turrets pls | © Riot Games

Aah, another crazy scientist to join the squad of ARAM legends. Because ARAM is played on Howling Abyss with only a single lane, Heimerdinger's turrets thrive in this condition. The turrets cover a big part of the playable space and can be extremely annoying to deal with for the enemy team. 

3. Teemo

Have fun clearing away all the shrooms | © Riot Games

Speaking of annoying abilities that can be placed on the small Howling Abyss map. Teemo's ultimate is very strong in ARAM and provides good protection of certain areas of the map.

First of all, Teemo's shrooms can prevent enemies from simply taking the healing relics that spawn in ARAM by placing one of his shrooms on top of it.

The shrooms are also great when the team is behind to protect the nexus. Simply place several shrooms in areas you believe can be beneficial for your team and watch the game begin. 

Now, Riot has tried to do something about Teemo in ARAM by giving bigger minions true sight, meaning they are able to spot Teemo shrooms. This might be a heavy nerf to Teemo, but the ultimate still provides great zoning for your team.

2. Brand

Brand's Ultimate is disgusting in this game mode | © Riot Games

Brand has been one of the strongest ARAM champions for a very long time. Similar to Ziggs and Vel'Koz, Brand's abilities are great for poking down enemies. In addition, his abilities deal damage to several people at the same time. For example, when a champion is ablaze from his passive, Brand's E , Conflagration, spreads to nearby enemies as well. 

Another important aspect that makes Brand so great in ARAM is, of course, his ultimate. Brand's R is made for this map as all the enemies are often stacked up and in perfect condition for Brand to use his ultimate. It is no surprise that Brand has one of the highest win rates in ARAM, with 54.51%.

1. Sett 

Sett 0
Sett - The ARAM King | © Riot Games

Sett has often been seen as one. of the strongest champions in ARAM, but after his recent buffs from patch 12.17, he reigns supreme as the ARAM King. His ability to get deep into the team with his ultimate is a big counter against all the poke champions we find on this list, and in addition, he also has some hefty AoE spells that can be quite terrifying if he gets too close. 

If this isn't enough to convince you, Sett is on the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the win rate in ARAM, with a whopping 54.95%!

And with that, you are ready to hit the Howling Abyss to face some new challenges! It is important to note that win rate is not everything, and sometimes picking something you are comfortable with can be even more beneficial than playing a champion with a high win rate. 

What is your favorite champion to play in ARAM? 

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