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Honestly, these are pretty cool champions!

All Champions That Use Health As A Rescource in League of Legends

Champions 27-12-2023 14:51

League of Legends has over 160 champions. While most of these champions use mana to cast their spells, there are a few that do things a little bit different. 

Cafe Cutie Vladimir Splash
Honestly, Vladimir is difficult but a cool champion. | © Riot Games

There are some champions that are unlike those you usually play, standing out from the rest. You know, there always has to be the 'I'm not like other girls' champion out there, eh? Well, today we're going to talk about some of those champions.

While mana is cool, mana-less champions are even more cool, and today we're going to look at a special breed of mana-less champion: Champions that use their health has a resource. There aren't many of them, but they're definitely worth playing. 

LoL Champs That Use Health As An In-Game Resource

There are three champions that use their health as a resource. It's important to note that these champions are not able to actually kill themselves using their health, since they'll always be left with at least 1 HP... which basically does mean they'll die since they can just get one-tapped. But who are the three champions we're going to take a look at right now? 

3. Zac 

Zac is the first champion on our list and he's a special champion who will pay with his health when using his abilities. So, no matter which ability you cast, other than his ultimate, you will lose a part of your health. He also doesn't have any mana which means health is the only resource he's got to give away. 

Empyrean Zac splash
Zac is such a fun champion. | © Riot Games

But, Zac is also able to regenerate health back. Thanks to his passive, some blobs will fall off his body when he uses abilities. If he manages to 'pick' these blobs back up he will regenerate some health and be able to move along on his way to the next gank. 

2. Vladimir

Another champion on the short list of 'champs that use health as a resource' is none other than our dear friend Vladimir. He has two abilities in his kit, his W - Sanguine Pool and his E - Tides of Blood which use his health as a resource. His W costs 20% of his current health, while his E deals damage based on a percentage of his max health. 

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He's able to heal himself back up with his Q - Transfusion, as well as his ultimate, so you also don't need to worry about going too low on mana when you're in a heated battle fighting for that precious LP in solo queue. Hell, if you're trying out Vladimir, make sure to check out our Vladimir mid lane guide as well to truly master him. 

1. Dr. Mundo

Finally, we have Dr. Mundo on our list. He, just like Zac, has to pay with health on every single one of his abilities. But, the good thing, is that he's got a multitude of ways to regenerate health as well. Hit someone with your Q? Costs some health, but you regenerate it as well. You also have a way of gaining health back with your ultimate, as well as W and his passive. 

Mundo Mundo rework skin
Mundo goes where he pleases. | © Riot Games

Dr. Mundo's playstyle is iconic, leading players to even test him out in a 1-vs-1 battle in the Baron pit. Throwing cleavers back and forth to see who goes low first and dies at the hands of the enemy Mundo. In games, Mundo usually has enough health anyways that losing a bit with his Q or E doesn't really matter. 

Other Champions Using Health As A Resource

There are also mana champions which use health as a resource for some abilities. We can't have mana less champions have all the fun, eh? 

  • Ivern (Friend of the Forest)
  • Olaf (Reckless Swing)
  • Sion (Glory in Death)
  • Soraka (Astral Infusion) 

Each of these champions, other than Ivern, have some way of regaining their health back, just like the mana less companions on this list. 

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