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League of Legends: Kalista Could Be Getting Mid-Scope Update

Champions 16-03-2023 12:35
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League of Legends: Will she be getting a Mid-Scope Update? | © Riot Games

Kalista is receiving a brand-new Faerie Court skin in League of Legends Patch 13.6 and the feedback thread has finally been updated to reveal what changes Riot will make before the skin goes live then. But during PBE testing there had been something missing. 

Faerie Court will be the next big LoL skin line, with an in-client event and battle pass, and Kalista will finally, after what feels like centuries, get a brand-new skin. But how does this all correlate with her getting an update? 

League of Legends: Missing VFX On PBE

Riot let's players test their new content on the PBE server, wherein they can then add comments and feedback on a specific Reddit thread for any changes or bugs they find. Faerie Court Kalista was no different and also had her own dedicated feedback thread. 

Hopefully Kalista continues to synergize well with Neeko:

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With the PBE cycle coming to a close and Riot making sure everything, with feedback changes, gets ported to the live servers on March 22, 2023 with LoL Patch 13.6, the thread gets updated one last time with the changes Riot will make.  

Now, for Kalista, there won't be any changes from the PBE to the live server, but there was something else that had caught players' attention, which was a specific VFX that had been visible during the preview videos, but had been missing from the PBE server altogether. 

Riot Platypus revealed why the VFX from Kalista's Passive Martial Poise jump had been missing on the PBE: 

Kalista didn't have the VFX associated with her Martial Poise jump, which you mgiht ahve seen in preview videos. These VFX are part of experimental changes from [the] Champion team and affect all the skins.
Faerie Court Kalista Splash
I love this skin already. | © Riot Games

Now this isn't concrete evidence, but it seems that the Champions team is working on some changes to Kalista. The fact that it's the Champions team working on it also suggest that these experimental changes could be part of a Mid-Scope Update to spruce up Kalista in terms of play rate and popularity. 

Kalista has been one of the most underwhelming bot lane champions in solo queue for ages, so it would make sense that Riot takes a look at her kit to see how they can improve it and make her a more popular champion. 

Unfortunately, this information has not been confirmed yet, but if the changes do go through, then Kalista could become quite the menace in the bot lane, similar to what happened with Sivir in 2022. 

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