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LoL: Outdated Champions To Receive Small Yet Meaningful Updates

Champions 28-07-2023 17:05
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LoL: Some older champions are in dire need of these planned changes. | © Riot Games

There are some key changes that Riot is planning for older and outdated League of Legends champions. The game is already over 10-years-old and there are some updates that seem to be hitting the rift very soon. 

In a dev update for July 2023, Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon revealed that some older champions are going to get key updates to make them feel more modern in the coming weeks and months. 

LoL: Champion Ability Icons To Receive Upgrade

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Some LoL champions have been around since the dark ages and not much had been changed on their kit since them. We know that some are in dire need of an Art and Sustainability Update (looking your way Zilean) but sadly it isn't feasible for the dev team to give every single champion what they truly need, so we will have to make do with these tiny updates. 

In the most recent dev blog it was revealed that a list of champions would be receiving ability icon updates to bring them up to the standards of champions in 2020s. These champions include: 

  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jarvin IV
  • Nami
  • Orianna
  • Varus
Victorious orianna
Orianna is getting a small update in the future. | © Riot Games

They will be getting updates in August, with other champions also receiving some ability icon adjustments in the coming months. These are all older champions that have been around for a while and have not gotten all too many updates so it's nice that at least one part of the champion is getting an upgrade. 

Then after it'll be their models... please... hopefully. Champions like Orianna and Janna are in dire need of complete visual overhauls, but we're getting a Jax, Teemo and Lee Sin update before we can dream of anyone else receiving an ASU, right?  

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