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LoL: Riot Give Details on Upcoming Rell Mid-Scope Update

Champions 17-03-2023 20:55
Star Guardian Rell
LoL: Rell is finally getting some love from Riot, so let's go over her MSU.| © Riot Games

Rell is one of the next champions to be getting a Mid-Scope Update by Riot. In a new dev post, it's been revealed just what Riot is going to be changing and how they came to the conclusion to update this champion out of all 160. 

Rell is a great champion, but there are quite a few issues with her kit, hence why the champions team has decided to focus on her and give her an update over other champions. 


LoL Rell MSU: Riot To Make Major QoL Changes For Rell

In the dev blog about Mid-Scope Updates, Riot Raptor, the game desigenr on her MSU gave some insights into the things the team wants to fix and update with Rell. Not only has her key fantasy of being a mounted/dismounted champion not gone as planned, but she's also felt very underwhelming ever since her release. 

Therfore, some changes are being made. The Mid-Scope is going to focus on giving Rell more opportunities to mount and dismount her metal horse. This also means that Riot will make her kit less about actually landing her W, and making her abilities feel better and more satisfying. 

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She will also gain some speed, with mounting and dismounting faster or more often, giving her an increase in play variance, something she has also been lacking. 

Some other things in her kit will also be adjusted, like her E which feels pretty awful when she's not with another person in lane, or the fact that she is horrible at clearing wards. 

Upcoming Rell Changes Outlined

One of the main focal points of her MSU have been to make both her mounted and dismounted form feel fun to play. Riot toyed around with multiple versions, but ultimately decided to adjust her abilities for both forms. 

Her Q is going to have more of an impact by adding the E stun into it. This was something Riot wanted to keep in her kit and managed to move it to another ability. 

Not only that, but Riot also boosted her dismounted attack speed and range, which will help her in fights when she is off her horse and ready to fight in the fray to protect her team. 

Rell Mid-Scope Update Release Window

In the dev blog Riot Raptor did state that there won't be another update on Rell's Mid-Scope ahead of her release, so we can expect it to go live pretty soon. With Yuumi out of the way it's about time for new champions to step into the limelight and Rell is in dire need of it. 

A bit more VFX and SFX have to be adjusted, as well as some bugs, but it seems like the Rell Mid-Scope could be next on the list of releases. 

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