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LoL: These Are The Champions Players Cannot Underestimate

Champions 30-04-2024 16:30

Some champions look weak when they're 0/10, but then they truly pop off. Which champions are players most afraid of?

Old God Warwick
LoL: Who are you most afraid of? | © Riot Games

A lot of champions are useless the moment they go down 0/2. But then there are some champions who can turn it around and completely take over a game. 

A few players recently wondered on Reddit which champions are the most feared, no matter how far behind their lane opponent they are, and here are their answers. Do you agree? 

LoL: Beware These Champions

4. Darius

Darius is a lane bully who can bleed you out. He starts off strong from the moment he's in the game and while he doesn't fall behind often, when he does, it doesn't even really seem to matter. He is the true embodiment of a Juggernaut, who is meant to fight and lose some HP, only to come back. 

Porcelain Darius
Daris is one scary dude. | © Riot Games

It seems like even if you and your jungler are working together, Darius can simply outplay you thanks to his kit. With at least one item he can also gain some more sustain and his raw damage... goodbye world. 

3. Trundle

Another top laner on this list that seems to have players worried is none other than Trundle. Why? Because he is a split pushing god. While he could be down gold or even an item, while you go join your team, he will continue to side lane and take towers without a care in the world. 

Lil slugger trundle
Just look how annoying he is! | © Riot Games

Building tank against him is also useless, because with his ultimate he can take it all away. Then it really does not ever matter how ahead you are, because Trundle will just bonk you to death. Literally. 

2. Warwick

Warwick is a jungler that can never be underestimated. The wolf looks like he's about to die and then gain all the lifesteal on planet earth to heal back up without a single care in the world. Sometimes it just feels unfair to play against him. 

Project Warwick skin
Just look at him... awful. | © Riot Games

So, if you encounter Warwick in your game, and he isn't immediately dead, then you know he's still somewhere lurking in the shadows, ready to jump out at you. This is a comeback champion if I've ever seen one. 

1. Master Yi

The one champion that sends fear into any low elo player is Master Yi. The champion can be so far behind there is no more light in sight and yet, he will be able to somehow get one good kill in and then another... and then another... you know how it goes. 

Debonair Master Yi
Everyone Hates Yi. | © Riot Games

Master Yi is simple to play and - for lower elo players - hard to counter. If he gets a few kills, even after a bad start, he will be able to start carrying games, which makes him understandably feared by most players. 

These are some of the most feared champions in League of Legends, but who is your ultimate "don't underestimate me" champion? 

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