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Why You Should Main Aatrox

Champions 02-01-2024 14:20

We go over a few reasons why Aatrox should be your new main.

Mecha aatrox
Doesnt he just look so badass? | © Riot Games

Aatrox is one of the oldest champions in the game and has already gotten a huge gameplay rework a few seasons ago. He is pretty set in stone as a champion, sometimes he gets a nerf or two, but that is usually followed up with a buff not too long after. 

He is very well integrated into the top lane meta and widely regarded as one of the better champions you can pick in terms of strength.

That's certainly a reason why you should main him, but what else can Aatrox offer?

Why You Should Main Aatrox

Champion Design

Lol aatrox
Aatrox the World Ender. | © Riot Games
I am oblivion, I am destruction... I am doom.

Aatrox's Design is one of the best in the game by far. He belongs to the Darkin, an ancient race of shuriman Warriors that got corrupted by blood magic and the traumatic experiences of war. While it looks like Aatrox is a huge demonic creature, he is actually just the sword. He takes over his victims and controls them towards his goals.


Blood Moon Aatrox
So badass. | © Riot Games

Before the great Void War of Shurima Aatrox was a noble mortal warrior. His accomplishments in the military were so good that he was one of the first mortals to be granted an Ascension. This ancient shuriman ritual made him far more powerful and gave him a leading position in the shuriman military. 

After Emperor Azir died, the Ascended Warriors rebranded and named themselves Sunborn. Due to the lack of leadership and purpose, they started fighting against each other, leading to so much devastation that the mortals eventually called them Darkin, or Fallen. 

Scared for the fate of Runeterra, the Celestial Beings of Targon stepped in and rallied mortals against the Darkin. They thought the humans how to imprison Darkin in their own weapons.

After losing a battle against Pantheon, Aatrox was imprisoned into his sword, tortured by an endless existence. After a mortal picked up the sword, Aatrox had the opportunity to overtake his body, and since then has swapped his host multiple times. He has decided that because there is no end for him, he will instead end the whole world and started his everlasting carnage.

Justicar aatrox
I miss pre-rework Aatrox. | © Riot Games

Gameplay Flow

Aatrox's entire kit revolves around fighting and fitting to his Lore he is great at fighting till the bitter end. He has loads of healing and even more loads of damage. His damage revolves around his Q ability, which he can cast 3 times. The first time it has a small hitbox but the most range, the second cleave is a lot wider but less range and the third is really small but a huge amount of damage. 

His W is a chain that can pull enemies towards a location, and his E is a dash that he can cast during any of his other spells as well. While he only has a singular damage spell, the ability to use them in many ways in any given situation makes him incredibly versatile and deadly.


Alright. I know why you are all here. Aatrox arguably has some of the best skins in the game. Here is my totally unbiased tier list. 

Aatrox skin tierlist complete
Aatrox doesnt have bad skins. Just worse than his best.

My personal favorite thing about his skins is the voice filter. Aatrox has 5 different skins with voiceovers. 

  • Original 
  • Justicar
  • Mecha
  • Odyssey
  • Lunar Eclipse

Aatrox fits very well into the current meta of LoL. He is an amazing champion with a lot of damage and carry potential. He isn't necessarily hard to master, but it does take a while to figure out what combos you should do and how far you can go. With a bit of time and investment, you can be an absolute demon in the Top lane with Aatrox!

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