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How to Change Your Name in League of Legends

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Change your LoL Game to match this awesome skin, maybe? | © Riot Games

Changing your name in League of Legends isn't that hard, but it can be confusing if you haven't done it before. We are here to show you two ways to change your Summoner Name in League of Legends. 

Want to change your name in League of Legends? Maybe xXxNightKillerHunterxXx" isn't as cool as you thought it was when you were younger, or perhaps “WhoIsYourZeddy” isn’t that funny to explain when you play with your siblings. Whatever the reason might be, we got you covered. Here are some simple steps to follow to change your name in League of Legends:

Change your Name in League of Legends: Two Options

There are two ways to change your Summoner Name in League of Legends. One and the most common way to change your name is through the League of Legends client. The other thing you can do is change your name through the Riot support page for free.  Let's look at the two options more closely. 

How to Change Your Name in the LoL Client: 4 Steps

In order to change your name, you must pay for it with in-game currency. You can either pay with Blue Essence or with RP.

Blue Essence (BE)13900 BE
Riot Points (RP)1300 RP

Step 1:

First, you want to log into your client. Once that is done, click on the LoL shop in the top right corner. The shop icon looks like three stacks of coins.

Riot Client
Change your name in LoL - Step 1 | © Riot Games

Step 2: 

If you didn’t screw up on the first step, you should be in the shop, and the client should look something like the picture below. Now, you want to click on the account settings in the shop. The icon looks like a person with one gear behind him.

Riot Shop
Change your name in LoL - Step 2 | © Riot Games

Step 3: 

Now you have made it into the account shop. Your next step is to click on the button saying “Summoner Name Change.” This will lead you to the final step.

Riot Client Summoner Name Change
Change your name in LoL - Step 3 | © Riot Games

Step 4: 

For the last and final step, you must write your new summoner name into the field marked on the picture with a red square. Before you pay for your name, you first have to check if it is valid and not taken. To do this, click “check name.” 

You now have two options for changing your name. Either you can change your name with Riot Points for 1300 RP, or you can pay with blue essence for 139000 BE

Once you have selected your payment option by clicking on the button fitting to your choice, you should have a new, hopefully, less cringe, name. Congrats!

Riot Name Change
Change your name in LoL - Step 4 | © Riot Games

How to Change Your LoL Name for Free

If you only want to make minor adjustments to your Summoner Name, you don’t have to pay in-game currency to change it. Here are the steps to change your League of Legends name for free.

  1. Open the Riot Games Support Site
  2. Choose “General Question” as your request type
  3. In the subject, write “Summoner Name Change.”
  4. In the description, write your current summoner name and the new summoner name you want to change it into.

When everything is filled out, your request should look something like this:

Riot Games User Support
Change LoL Name for Free | © Riot Games

The only thing left to do now is to submit your request to Riot by pressing the button "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

League of Legends: Difference Between Summoner Name and Username 

In this text, we taught you how to change your Summoner Name. Username, on the other hand, is something else. Where Summoner Name is the name you have in-game and the name to look up if you want to check out your stats, your League of Legends username is the name you use to log into your account. The username is used by Riot as your Account-ID, so it has to be entirely unique for one player. You can change your username on the official League of Legends webpage.

Now, you should know everything there is to know in order to change your Summoner Name.  If you are curious about other League of Legends facts, check these articles out: