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Begone Wind Brother!

Top 3 Yasuo Counters

Champions 11-12-2022 12:50
High Noon Yasuo
We're sick and tired of this champion! | © Riot Games

Okay every bronze, silver and gold player listen up. We've got the most important article of your life right here. You know that one champion that just gets on your nerves every single evening, because you encounter them at least once in a game? The younger wind brother? Yeah, him. Today, we'll let you know who to play to counter him. 

Yasuo is a menace in lower elos where players don't know how to evade his dashes or counter his obnoxious wind wall. But worry not, there are ways to make this mid laner pay and after some Shieldbow nerfs he is much more vulnerable, so we must take advantage while we can! Let's check out the top 3 Yasuo counters in League of Legends! 

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Which Champions Counter Yasuo? 

To counter Yasuo, you'll want to play champions that can ignore his wind wall and go untargetable. Qiyana comes to mind there, but she is one of the more tricky champions to master, and this is supposed to help everyone in any elo. But if you're a Qiyana master, then just pick her. 

3. Diana

Diana is a counter against Yasuo. Sure, the wind wall can be a problem if you just go head first against him, but once you hit level 3 you can make any Yasuo impatient and start griefing. Seriously, all you have to know is how to poke around his wind wall with Q, farm and go in once your passive is ready with Diana. 

Sentinel Diana
Diana is a great counter! | © Riot Games

If you play the laning phase right and stay patient, then you'll have no problems against Yasuo with her. Once Diana hits level 6 you can literally obliterate Yasuo as well. If you take away his control early by starting W you'll be perfectly fine to frustrate Yasuo and become a stronger late game pick than him. 


2. Rumble 

Rumble has a great time against Yasuo. Seriously, if you look at Yasuo's win rate against Rumble you'll have to cackle with joy, because Yasuo has an abysmal 46% win rate in this situation. Yasuo players love to get first blood and scale ahead, but in this match up there is almost no chance of this happening since Rumble is far too tanky for Yasuo to one-shot and slice. 

Space Groove Rumble
Rumble has a great time in this matchup. | © Riot Games

Rumble is able to use his Q even if Yasuo has his wind wall up. Fire pierces wind, right? So even if the opposing Yasuo tries to block your damage, you're able to easily forge ahead. If you realize the opposing Yasuo will ult you, just drop your own ult right on top of yourself and he is going to get burned as well and likely take a boatload of damage. It's honestly that easy. 


1. Karma 

Karma is probably one of the best counters to Yasuo. She's got a shield which can keep her safe, as well as a speed boost, so if Yasuo tries to jump on top of her she can quickly evade his advances and stay safe. She can also poke with her Q, but that's not the main reason why she is the best counter to Yasuo. 

Odyssey Karma skin
Karma is the best counter to Yasuo. | © Riot Games

With her ultimate, she is able to empower one of her abilities. So just make sure to empower your W, latch onto Yasuo and you'll be able to stun him. Even if he throws out a wind wall, he'll be temporarily immobile, so you can step around it and use your Q to poke him. If you build magic damage with her a single Q can hurt a squishy champion like Yasuo. 

Those are some of the best counters against Yasuo. You can easily evade his mobility with these champions thanks to their own mobility, their shields and their tankiness. Of course, other champions like Vladimir also work, but they're harder to master, so try these out first before going for the high skill level coutners. 

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