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League of Legends Anima Squad Event: Battle Pass, Rewards & Skins

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The big League of Legends summer Anima Squad event is just around the corner and thanks to data miners we've already got quite a bit of information. So let's go over everything we know. 

Battle Bear Illaoi
League of Legends: Anima Squad is going to be such a cool event. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is putting on the big Summer event soon and with it, we're going to be getting a new battle pass once again. This is going to be one of the biggest events we've had for a while, especially with a brand-new unique PvE game mode that the developers have worked on. 

So, what do we know about Anima Squad 2024 and the new event? Let's check out the release and end date, as well as the key battle pass rewards you can farm, whether you're a free to play player or a whale. 

Anima Squad Event: Start & End Date

The Anima Squad event is going to kick off on July 17, which is when LoL Patch 14.14 is also going to go live. You're going to be able to earn points and tokens up until August 20, 2024, so you've got about an entire month to grind the battle pass. The token shop is going to stay open until August 26

Anima Squad Event Pass & Bundle

Cyber Cat Yuumi
Yuumi is the prestige this time around. | © Riot Games

As is customary with League of Legends events, there's going to be a battle pass, as well as bundles with added content. Throughout the last few years these passes and bundles haven't changed, so we can assume that for Anima Squad, Riot is going to be doing the same thing they've always done. 

Event PassCostIncludes
Anima Squad 2024 Pass1650 RP
  • 200 Tokens
  • 4 Anima Squad Orbs
  • Unlocking Premium Anima Squad 2024 Pass
Anima Squad 2024 Pass Bundle2650 RP
  • 200 Tokens
  • 4 Anima Squad Orbs
  • Unlocking Premium Anima Squad 2024 Pass
  • Yuumi
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi Border Icon & Border
Anima Squad 2024 Premium Pass Bundle3650 RP
  • 200 Tokens
  • 4 Anima Squad Orbs
  • Unlocking Premium Anima Squad 2024 Pass
  • Yuumi
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi Border Icon & Border
  • Cyber Cat Yuumi Chroma
  • Anima Squad Emote

Anima Squad Event Track: Your Free To Play Rewards

Battle Dove Seraphine
Seraphine's skin is so pretty. | © Riot Games

Of course, there are also various stops on the event track, but not all the rewards are free to play friendly. Overall, the event has 50 stops where players can earn orbs, mythic essence, borders and other cosmetics, as well as tokens, but there are a few milestones you can reach to earn rewards without spending a dime. 



260 Tokens
6Anima Squad 2024 Primordial Icon
1060 Tokens
12Hextech Key
16Discordant Dove Emote
2060 Tokens
22Anima Squad 2024 Orb
26Anima Squad 2024 Capsule
3060 TokensEternal Series 1 Capsule
4060 Tokens

To earn rewards in the event, you'll be able to complete various missions, through which you can earn experience on the event track. Those missions have not been revealed yet, though. With the tokens you get by completing missions and making your way through the event pass, you can get yourself skins, as well as other rewards. 

Swarm Game Mode

Not only is this a big summer event, but this year Riot is adding in a brand-new PvE game mode called Swarm. In this bullet heaven mode, you'll be able to pilot one of the Anima Squad champions to try and fend off hordes of Primordial monsters that are trying to invade your home. The mode looks insanely fun, but be warned... you're supposed to die every once in a while. 

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