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Finally it's Clash time again!

League of Legends Clash: All Dates In 2023

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League of Legends Clash is back for 2023. Due to the cyberattack at the start of LoL Season 13, the start of Clash was pushed back, but Riot has finally revealed everything about the upcoming year of Clash. Will we get another ARAM Clash like in 2022?

Lo L Clash 2023
League of Legends Clash is back! | © Riot Games

Clash is the fun game mode in which you and some friends can work together to earn some rewards, whether they're big or small. It's back in 2023 and we are going to go over everything you need to know for Clash in LoL Season 13

League of Legends Clash: When Is The Next Tournament?

The next Clash tournament in League of Legends is going to be in September! Get ready for the Ixtal Cup because it's going to get heated! This tournament, like every tournament in split 2, will be over two days on one weekend. Here are all the dates and the information you need to participate:

First Clash Day:

  • Match Building Start: September 11, 2023
    • Tournament Day: September 16, 2023

Second Clash Day: 

  • Tournament Day: September 17, 2023

Try out this duo in your next Clash tournament:

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When Are All Clash Tournaments in 2023?

Clash Split 1 2023

CupWeekLock-InTournament Days
Bilgewater CupWeek 1March 6March 11-12
Bilgewater CupWeek 2March 20March 25-26
Mt. Targon CupWeek 1April 3April 8-9
Mt. Targon CupWeek 2April 17April 22-23
MSIWeek 1May 1May 6-7
MSIWeek 2May 8May 13-14
Bandle City CupWeek 1May 29June 3-4
Bandle City CupWeek 2June 12June 17-18

Clash Split 2 2023

CupLock-InTournament Days
Void CupJuly 17July 22-23
ARAM CupAugust 14August 19-20
Ixtal CupSeptember 11September 16-17
TBDOctober 9October 14-15
ARAM Cup 2December 4December 9-10

What is Clash?

Clash is a monthly tournament in which you and your friends can build teams of five. Team building usually starts on Mondays, while the actual tournament takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. 

  • Get the right equipment to really take on anyone when it comes to your Clash matches this year!

The more games you win, the better your rewards will be and according to the official Riot website, even if you lose in the first round you're able to play consolation games to improve your prize pool. 

When you play Clash you can either play on a Basic Ticket or pay for a Premium Ticket, in hopes of getting bigger and better prizes. The choice is yours though. 

When Can You Join Clash? 

There are a few conditions one must fulfill before they're eligible to join a  clash tournament. 

  • Reached level 30
  • Completed placements in at least one Summoner's Rift ranked queue
  • Verified your League account by SMS (this is a new Clash-specific feature)

Once you've done all this you'll be able to join a tournament with the team of your choosing. 

Prestige K Sante
Let's play some Clash! | © Riot Games

What Rewards Can You Get in Clash? 

You're able to get victory points, borders and trophies by playing Clash. You can also get Orbs and Capsules depending on your standing by the end. of the tournament. 

Basic Ticket Orb

  • 0 Wins, 3 Losses: 3 Win XP Boost, 1 Mastery Icon, 1 Clash Logo
  • 1 Win, 2 Losses: 1 Mystery Emote, 640 Ward Skin, 1 Clash Logo
  • 2 Wins, 1 Loss: 640 RP Ward Skin, 975 RP Skin Shard, 1 Mystery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Basic Ticket
  • 3 Wins, 0 Losses: 640 RP Ward Skin, 975 RP Skin Shard, 1350 RP Skin Shard, 1 Mastery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Basic Ticket

Premium Ticket Capsule

  • 0 Wins, 3 Losses: 1 Basic Ticket, 500 Orange Essence, 750 RP Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 1 Win, 2 Losses: 1 Basic Ticket, 500 Orange Essence, 750 RP Skin Shard, 975 RP Skin Shard, 1350 RP Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 2 Wins, 1 Loss: 1 Basic Ticket, 750 Orange Essence, 750 RP Skin Shard, 975 RP Skin Shard, 1350 RP Skin Shard, 1820 RP Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 3 Wins, 0 Losses: 1 Basic Ticket, 750 Orange Essence, 750 RP Skin Shard, 975 RP Skin Shard, 1350 RP Skin Shard, 1820 RP Skin Shard, 1 Chibi Icon, 10 Mythic Essence, 1350 RP Skin Permanent, 1 Logo

For any more questions regarding Clash, make sure to check out the official Riot FAQ.

It is time – get ready for a whole lot of fun and make sure you get the best champions and the best players possible on your team for Clash this year! Get those Victory Points!

2023 Clash - Split 2 Changes

The second split of the League of Legends season 13 is upon us soon, and it's the first one that we'll experience that will implement changes we are used to seeing during preseason.

This year, if you take a look at the Clash dates above you may notice that the second split does not have Clash cups lasting two weeks. That is because Riot are lowering the number of clash tournaments in 2023 to 14 weekends, instead of the usual 22.

However, due to the ARAM Clash from last year having so much success, we can look forward to two more ARAM Clash weekends this year, during the second split.

Due to the changes in the amount of Clash weekends this year, however, Riot are increasing the rewards for both participating and winning Clash tournaments, with incentives for players to stick around to the end of Clash, even if they lose their first game. Compared to the above-listed, now-old Clash prizes, the new ones are definitely worth giving Clash a go!

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