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The Top 3 Trundle Counters In League of Legends

Guides 29-12-2023 16:40

Trundle has made his way onto the Top Lane Meta and looks pretty scary. Here's how you can counter him and get those sweet LP back from the troll.

Dragonslayer Trundle
Trundle can be pretty hard to beat. | © Riot Games

Trundle has recently got a few buffs and is now a pretty good pick in the top lane. His sustain and side laning are almost unmatched, and with the right build he can seem unstoppable. We have compiled a list of champions that work great versus trundle and some general tips to use against him.

Trundle is currently an S-Tier Pick with a nice 52.29% Winrate in Gold. With Lethal Tempo, Triforce and Ravenous Hydra, he is an absolute split pushing beast with unlimited sustain. His Ultimate takes away a huge percentile of resistances so he's amazing versus tanks and the AD-steal on his Q makes him great versus dueling bruisers. So what is good versus Trundle?

Trundle Counters In League of Legends


Quinn 0
Quinn is a great counter to Trundle. | © Riot Games

Quinn counters Trundle simply because she is a ranged character. Trundle cannot fight back most of the time and relies on Quinn overstepping or help from the jungler to kill her in lane. With Stattik Shiv, Quinn can reliably match Trundle's side laning potential and even get a few solo kills. Her backflip never allows Trundle to counter-trade, but if she uses it too quickly, Trundle can punish her with the slow of his pillar.


Akali thumbnail
Akali's mobility and invisibility is great versus Trundle. | © Riot Games

Akali is decent versus Trundle in the early to mid-game. She cannot contest the waves as good as Quinn because she is also a melee character, but the swift weaving of abilities and auto-attacks makes Akali really annoying to face. 

With Akali you are mainly looking to consistently harass with your Q ability and follow that up with the empowered auto-attack. If Trundle wants to trade back or engage on you, there will always be the option to place the Twilight Shroud and walk away safely. Akali has some trouble clearing the wave as she is heavily energy and cooldown dependent, but you can get through lane relatively safe and then assassinate the key targets.


Marble Malphite
This is the best Malphite Skin. Fight me. | © Riot Games

Obviously Malphite is always a great choice against a champion that auto-attacks a lot like Trundle. Yes, Trundle Ult does steal a big part of your armor, but that doesn't really matter because he is not fast enough to hit you anyway.

As Malphite you can either run the Comet Setup and poke Trundle. This strategy does seem a bit useless after a life steal item, but is a valid strategy to get through the lane. Or you choose the Grasp Fighting Setup where you actively trade versus the Trundle with your E Attack speed decrease. Malphite is great because even if you do mistakes, nobody can stop you from just ulting away or onto the enemy ADC to ruin their day.

General Tips Versus Trundle

  • Quick Trades instead of Long Fights, Trundle will out sustain you and with Lethal Tempo up it doesn't take long for him to out damage you as well
  • Trundle lacks wave clear before Hydra, If you don't want to interact just keep pushing the waves under his tower
  • Trundle is very immobile
  • Trundle is very much an all-in champion. If you are stronger than him, don't be afraid of fighting him because he cannot get away.
  • Kiting and Spacing are immensely important

That's about it. Trundle can be very oppressive, but with the right strategy it's not that bad. What do you pick versus Trundle? Anything we have missed? Let us know in the comments.

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