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How do you see FPS in LoL?

League of Legends FPS: How to Show FPS In Game

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Want to know how to see the FPS in your League of Legends match? Follow our short guide. 

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League of Legends might be an old game that doesn't have the highest specs, it's not Elden Ring after all, but the game should run smooth enough with a certain amount of FPS and Ping, right? Well today we'll check out League of Legends FPS and how you can show the number on your screen. 

If you've ever wondered if your computer can skill run League of Legends, then checking out the FPS and ping is key while in-game so you know whether you're at a good spot for gaming or whether you might want to pick up a new computer

How to Show FPS in League of Legends

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Checking your frames per second (FPS) in League of Legends and displaying the number is actually very simple. All you've got to do is press "Ctrl +F” while you're in the game and in the top right corner of the screen you will have both your FPS and ping displayed. 

This is a real-time number and will change as your game connection either slows down or increases, depending on the power of your computer and other factors, such as your hardware and underlying processes your computer is doing while you're playing League of Legends. 

Change FPS Hotkeys for LoL

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If you want the hotkey for the FPS toggle to be changed then that is no problem. You can adjust the hotkeys however you want or feel and what is best for you, since you might be more comfortable to change it to something else if you ever want to quickly toggle the FPS and ping display on or off while inside the game.

You can change the hotkeys for the FPS in League of Legends outside of the game while you're in the LoL client. Follow the following steps and you can change the hotkeys for displaying FPS while in-game to whatever you want and will help you out. 

  1. Click on small Gear Icon at the top right of LoL client
  2. Click on the “Hotkeys” tab on the left, located under "In-game".
  3. Scroll down until you reach the "Display" section, then open it.
  4. Find "Toggle FPS Display" 
    1. Click on First cell to change Keybind (Should be "Control + F" Currently)
    2. Add Keybind you want
  5. For another keybind, click on adjacent cell to add
  6. A pop-up menu will open with keybinding allocation. Enter the keybinding you want to use and click on "Save"
  7. Click on "Done" to save.

This is how you can quickly and easily adjust the FPS settings for your in-game experience ahead of any matches. 

League of Legends FPS: What is the Best FPS? 

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Unlike with ping, where you want to have as low a number as possible, FPS stands for frames per second, meaning you will want a lot of frames to have the smoothest and best gameplay possible. Therefore, you'll want a high number of FPS. 

You'll want to have at least 60 FPS when playing League of Legends. If you go below 30 FPS you'll have very slow and choppy gameplay and likely won't have a good time playing the game. 

You can adjust League of Legends graphic settings as well if you're ever having trouble with your FPS during a game. Lowering the graphic settings can help you out and improve your gameplay. 

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Changing Graphic Settings to Improve FPS in League of Legends

This will have to be done while you're in the game, unlike before where we could change the toggle while in the menu in the League of Legends client. If you don't want to worry about this during a game, just go into practice mode really quick to make the needed adjustments as follows:

  1. Press Escape to go into game settings
  2. Select "Video" tab on the left
  3. Under "Graphics" pull slider down
  4. If needed also turn off "Character Inking"
  5. Press "Okay" to save
  6. Look in the top right at FPS toggle to see change
  7. If needed repeat to find best Graphics settings 
    1. You can also turn off "Anti-Aliasing" or "Wait for Vertical Sync" but this may reduce image stability
    2. You can also change window size under "Window Mode" to see if it affects FPS

Over the "Anti Aliasing" and "Wait for Vertical Sync" buttons is the Frame Rate Cap which can also be adjusted. Usually it's best to have this at the highest setting that your monitor refresh rate allows. Uncapping the frame rate entirely could also help with performance in higher-end machines. 

What Can Effect Your FPS While Playing LoL?

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Frame rate is important in League of Legends since you're going to have to see and react quickly to other players actions. If you aren't seeing the other players' abilities then you are likely going to die and it will impact your gameplay. 

Things like your hardware (processor, graphics card and memory) can have an effect on your frame rate. Older computers could suffer from lower FPS since they just can't keep up with the game. 

Of course, your own graphic settings in the game could also have an effect on the FPS, which is why we've gone over some simple steps on how you can improve your FPS if it is an issue with the game itself and not just the hardware. 

If you've got a lot of other programs running in the background you could also be impacted by FPS drops. Having Steam, Epic and Google Chrome running alongside LoL could slow down your computer, which could end up with you experiencing FPS drops. 

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