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LoL: Triple Tonic Rune Explained – Is It Any Good?

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LoL Season 2024 has brought a lot of changes with it. Mythic Items have been removed and a few new items are in. Theres also a new rune in the inspiration tree that hasnt gotten a lot of attention yet. Is it any good?

Runes 2020
Triple Tonic is part of the Inspiration rune tree. | © Riot Games

Riot Games has added Triple Tonic as a secondary rune in the inspiration tree. It replaced the Perfect Timing Rune that used to give you a stopwatch. Now stopwatch was a pretty broken rune hence why they removed it but could Triple Tonic be even stronger? If you want to learn more about all the runes, check out our article here

LoL Runes: Triple Tonic Explained

Runes 1
Runes can make or break a laning phase. | © Riot Games

Triple Tonic is a secondary rune in the inspiration tree. It's in the contraption row together with Hextech Flashtraption, Magical Footwear and replaced Perfect Timing.

Triple Tonic grants you an Elixir of Avarice at level 3. An Elixir of Force at level 6 and an Elixir of Skill at level 9. 

Elixir of Avarice grants you 5 bonus true damage on-hit against minions for 60 seconds. Once it expires, you gain 40 gold.

Elixir of Force grants you 12 bonus Attack Damage or 20 Ability Power for 60 seconds.

Elixir of Skill grants you a skill point.

Is that any good? In most cases, probably not. If you are playing a champion that runs the primary inspiration tree for First Strike, Glacial Augment or Unsealed Spell book, you usually take Magical Footwear in Row 1 or Hex flash if you are a support. If you use the inspiration tree as a secondary, you would also rather pick Magical Footwear or any rune from the other 2 rows. 

Coven Syndra
Syndra and Udyr can utilize the extra skill point well. | © Riot Games

Triple Tonic is a very situational rune. If correctly used, it can be very strong on a specific set of champions. These champions are typically characters that are very ultimate centric. Champions like Syndra or Zed could hit level 6, pop the potion and all in you with their ult while other champions cant utilize it that well. 

The Elixir of Avarice is not that situational but requires a lot of pre-planning how you want to play your wave states. 

Lastly, the extra skill point can be really useful on champions like Udyr who can max out another skill with that, but most other champions have already maxed out their main damage skill at level 9. Syndra is also really good for this because you can get an additional 5 stacks of her passive with this potion. 

Can the rune work? Definitely. It requires a bit of planning and playing around the powerspikes, but if you and your champion can use it well, it can be a strong alternative to other runes. 

Will it work all the time? Probably not. It is very situational.

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