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These are the easiest champs to climb with in the Jungle for Patch 13.1

The Jungle Tier List for Patch 13.1

Patch Notes
Astronaut Maokai
Maokai sure is a spacy guy! | © Riot Games

The League of Legends Jungle is unlikely to see any major changes until the start of Season 13, so now is the perfect time to hop into ranked and grind some elo with established OP picks! Now it's time to see where the dust has settled around the jungle meta in the LoL Patch 13.1 Jungle tier list.

The Jungle has become more accessible than ever before in Season 13, The addition of Jungle Companions and nerfs to early invade strategies has caused a multitude of shifts in the meta. The beginning of the Ranked Season has only served to amplify this Jungle dynamic, and the role is experiencing a moment of diversity. While Jungle will likely continue to be a specialist’s role, there’s no better time to begin to learn the role than right now in Patch 13.1.

Until the dust settles on the meta, you can get a head start on your Season 13 Ranked journey by adding one of the top Champions to your arsenal.

Not a Jungle Main? Don't worry we've got you: 

Jungle Tier List: Who to Play in LoL Patch 13.1?

5. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks was the stuff of nightmares for many summoners as Season 12 of League of Legends came to a close, and he is currently maintaining that same strength as we enter the new season. He is one of the best users of First Strike in the Jungle role, and his Hextech Rocketbelt focused build allows him to terrorize the mid-game.

Dark Candy Fiddlesticks
Fiddlestick sure is a scary guy!! | © Riot Games

Fiddlesticks still remains a less popular pick, with only a 3.9% pick rate, but a 53.5% win rate is no joke. Perhaps everyone is satiating their desires to play Fiddlesticks in Season 8 of Teamfight Tactics instead. 

4. Zac

Zac received significant buffs in 12.23, positioning him as the premier tank of the Jungle. His Q, Stretching Strikes, now does 4% of his max health in AP damage, and the heal on his passive was also buffed significantly.

Empyrean Zac Splash Art
Zac skilled champion but that is not normally, This very very insane. | © Riot Games

Zac loves stacking max health, and Radiant Virtue fits the champion perfectly. Zac can even transition his item build into a quick Demonic Embrace after, furthering his Max Health percentage damage. Zac is also a fairly safe blind pick, as you can never truly go wrong with a tanky champion in your draft.

3. Elise

Super Galaxy Elise Splash
This is an incredibly powerful champion in the current patch. | © Riot Games

In a world where jungle invasions are less frequent, Elise is imposing a massive amount of pressure in the early game. She remains uncontested in her ability to dive towers as early as Level 3. The tempo she can provide in the early game can help salvage a losing lane or even drive the nail in the coffin of a feeding enemy laner.

Elise is enjoying Night Harvester for her mythic, and she can work with the Press the Attack focused rune set, or a Dark Harvest. Her win rate only increases as you go up the ladder, but her ability to dominate from the first gank onwards allows her to thrive in the chaos of Solo Queue. Elise still plays the game on a knife’s edge, so we recommend taking some time to learn the Champion in Norms. If you are willing to risk tower dives to secure flashy plays, Elise is an awesome Champion.

2. Udyr

Definitely NOT Udyr Splash
Who is this mystery champion? Why is he one-shotting my ADC? We may never truly know. | © Riot Games

Udyr’s rework in the middle of Season 12 was long overdue, as the Champion was struggling to establish himself outside of dedicated Udyr Mains. To many people’s horror, Udyr’s initial rework release was downright overpowered, with Iron Mantle stance allowing him to dominate.

Udyr has been tweaked back and forth since then, but he is once again making a name for himself at the start of Season 13. The introduction of Jak’Sho has breathed new life into Udyr, as the do-it-all item perfectly fits Udyr’s versatility. Managing Udyr’s stances is still a barrier to entry, as Udyr’s 5.5% pick rate is low compared to a 22.3% ban rate, but Udyr remains a solid option for Junglers in Season 13.

1. Maokai

There’s a new monster running around Bramble Smashing everything in sight, and that menace is Maokai. Bramble Smash received a huge buff in Patch 12.23, increasing its bonus damage to neutral monsters by 150% at Level 1, from 80 to 120. Coupled with Jungle Companions, Maokai is able to stick on enemy Champions with his arsenal of slows and roots. His Level 6 is a huge spike, but make no mistake, he can scale into the late game as well. Like Zac, he also benefits from the strength of Demonic Embrace, but Maokai takes it a step further and usually opts to grab the legendary item first, before even his Liandry’s.

Worldbreaker Maokai
Anyone else tired of this guy? | © Riot Games

The ability to turn teamfights with Nature’s Grasp grants Maokai a reliable Solo Queue option against most lineups, and his kit is otherwise quite intuitive to play. Simply load up Practice Tool to practice the clear once or twice, and then take advantage of Maokai’s absurd 54.9% win rate while you still can.

Jungle Tier List in LoL Patch 13.1: Below S-Tier

Now that we have taken a look at the S-Tier picks in League of Legends, it's time to check out the rest. The S-Tier champs are cool, but they aren't everything!

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If the S tier picks don’t sound like a good fit, consider picking up one of these A Tier champions to boost your win rate this patch.

ChampionWin RateBan Rate















Amumu has something to smile about in Season 13, with Jak’Sho and Demonic Embrace allowing him to exist as a solid tank option. He also received a set of changes in Patch 12.23 that help his clear speed.

Bel’Veth and Kindred both represent fantastic attack speed-based Junglers, and they can help bring you peace of mind if you find yourself struggling to finish games from the Jungle role.
Both Champions love Kraken Slayer, but they otherwise play differently enough to feel unique. They each have ban rates over 9%, so being able to play this style of Jungle on two different Champs ensures you’ll have some options in any given draft.

Evelynn remains a Solo Queue nightmare, as her mid game spike allows her to exploit the map in her favor.
She fits a similar role to Fiddlesticks, and could be just a patch away from being outright broken. Fans of the AP one-shot style junglers should also take a look at Gragas. The big bomba man himself has made a gigantic reappearance into the solo queue meta, just make sure to practice your combos before your teammates begin to make use of the new ping system in a nasty way!


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These F-tier picks are self-explanatory. You're better off locking anything else, even if you're a one-trick. Kayn will have to learn to get along with Rhaast in the hopes one of them returns to relevancy.

F-Tier ChampionsWin RateBan Rate







Hecarim may be strong on the patch, but his ban rate is through the roof right now. This means that most Hecarim players are picking him whenever he is available, which could lead to CC heavy counterpicks that make life hell for the horse.