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These are the easiest champs to climb with in the Jungle for Patch 13.13

The Jungle Tier List for Patch 13.13

Patch Notes 07-07-2023 00:00
Jungler Kha Zix
Beware the camouflage | © Riot Games

The jungle meta continues to evolve following the pattern of lane metas shifting. And since the ADCs are now the primary focus of every team, so have the assassins found their way into the limelight.

These are statistically the best jungle champions to play in League of Legends patch 13.13 and are sure to make carrying just that much easier, especially in SoloQ, as opposed to keeping to outdated OP picks.

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Jungle Tier List: Who to Play in LoL Patch 13.13?

6. Jarvan IV

Since the changes Riot gave him in Patch 13.3, Jarvan IV has been making the rounds in the jungle meta. He has since received small nerfs to bring him back down to earth, but he is still a top-tier pick, and has kept his place for quite a while now.

Warring Kingdoms Jarvan Skin
J4 is still strong in patch 13.13! | © Riot Games

Jarvan is currently utilizing Goredrinker into Black Cleaver, which both received changes recently, providing him with more tools under his belt in the late game. The Conqueror rune still appears to be best in slot for him, and be sure to pick up Cosmic Insight as a secondary for extra usage on your Goredrinker active.

5. Kindred

Whenever Riot enact big changes with the game, they are always targeted at the ADCs, due to how difficult it is to actually balance marksmen. And Kindred always takes advantage of those types of meta.

Which death would you choose? | © Riot Games

Add in the fact that as a jungle marksman Kindred doesn't have to deal with incompetent supports, and her scaling due to her marks is incredible, you can see why Kindred is one of the best jungle picks in patch 13.13.

4. Rengar

As we've mentioned previously, with the rise of ADCs, the rise of assassins is inevitable. If nothing else, due to the sheer necessity of the role to bring down those marksmen.

Rengar headhunter
He still loses to the alien | © Riot Games

However, the recent changes to the lethality items has boosted the win rates of jungle assassins even more, and Regnar is taking full advantage of Yomumu's Ghostblade to zoom around the map.

3. Evelynn

If you are thinking of champions who want to relax and hit jungle camps until Level 6, there is one answer that stands out immediately. Evelynn is the queen of this concept, and the recent meta changes have enabled her to enter the S-Tier. Evelynn’s passive granting her permanent camouflage is unparalleled, and grants her the ability to terrorize the map from that point onwards.

KDA Evelynn
Evelynn is making a big comeback in Season 13 | © Riot Games

Evelynn usually opts for Electrocute thanks to multiple casts of her Q, and like Fiddlesticks, she is a huge fan of Hextech Rocketbelt. Rabadon’s Deathcap can make a solid second item, but you can always opt for Dark Seal into Mejai’s Soulstealer if your game is going really well.

2. Kha'Zix

The eternal battle between Kha'Zix and Rengar is not resolved even in this patch. They stand neck and neck in the top spots of the jungle meta, with Kha'Zix's win rates pulling ahead ever so slightly.

Kha Zix splash art no skin
Only the greatest of prey is worthy | © Riot Games

This is due to the fact that Kha'Zix can use the lethality changes a bit more effectively with his evolutions, as well as snowball the game more easily, due to the ease of escape.

1. Rek'Sai

Rek'Sai has found herself at the top of quite a few lists these days, with her even becoming one of the best picks in the top lane. While her top lane win rate relies on her passive, her jungle domination is based on a variety of factors.

Elderwood Rek Sai Splash
Who is the queen now Bel'Veth? | © Riot Games

Her builds are versatile, with both lethality and bruiser builds being an option, and bruiser having an even better win rate, while her clear is healthy making for easy ganks with her burrowing. And we all know how difficult the game is to play, when an assassin gets to build bruiser items and make them work at that!

Jungle Tier List in LoL Patch 13.13: Below S-Tier

Now that we have taken a look at the S-Tier picks in League of Legends, it's time to check out the rest. The S-Tier champs are cool, but they aren't everything!

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is it Ivern that is that good, or Daisy? | © Riot Games

The A-Tier Jungle Picks for Patch 13.13

If the S tier picks don’t sound like a good fit, consider picking up one of these A Tier champions to boost your win rate this patch.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate
















Ivern has been taking the game by a storm, with his Night HArvester build making Daisy a menace as a vanguard, while he can shield his hypercarries from any sort of damage.

On the other hand, Maokai himself takes his crowd control and utility to the extreme with the usual build of Demonic Embrace and Radiant Virtue, acting as a bulwark and vanguard for the rest of his team.

One pick we would certainly recommend is Graves jungle, even though his win rate would not show it, he has one of the highest pick rates currently. Graves is in a great spot, you just need to know how to play his current lethality build.


The F-Tier Jungle Picks of Patch 13.13

These F-tier picks are self-explanatory. You're better off locking anything else, even if you're a one-trick. Kayn will have to learn to get along with Rhaast in the hopes one of them returns to relevancy.

F-Tier ChampionsWin RatePick Rate









Seeing Shyvanna and Shaco as F-tier picks may not come as a surprise to you, as they've both been out of shape for the past few patches. But what happened to Neeko?

Well, it seems that the novelty of the champion changes ahs worn off, and now most players have learned to count the minion waves, so Neeko can't gank easily anymore.

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