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Riot ID: Everything You Need to Know

Guides 24-11-2023 13:05

As of November 20th, Riot IDs are taking over the summoner names. But what exactly are those Riot IDs and how do you get them? Find out in this article!

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Riot ID - What does it mean? | © Riot Games

Similar to other gaming platforms like Steam, Origin, etc., Riot Games has its own launcher for all of its games. With the addition of VALORANT, Legends of Runterra, the upcoming MMORPG and PROJECT L, Riot games has decided to create a multipurpose launcher for their games. 

Now, in order to play any of the games, you first need a Riot Account, and here is where your Riot ID comes into play.

Riot Games: How do I Get a Riot ID?

Once you create a Riot Accout, you will automatically get a Riot ID at the same time. Now that's practical! But what is your Riot ID exactly? Your Riot ID consist of your selected in-game name (the name everyone can see in-game) and a hashtag followed by a tagline consisting of 3-5 characters. Simply put, your Riot ID should look something like this: [in-game name]#[tagline]

If you are not one for numbers behind your name, you don't have to worry. The characters do not show up in-game and will only be shown when someone hovers over your name in the post-game lobby or in the friend list in the client. 

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r.i.p. Summoner Names | © Riot Games

Riot Games: Where Can I Find My Riot ID? 

Your Riot ID is not hard to locate and can easily be found on your account page. Simply log into your account on Riot Games, and you will be able to see all your account details. Here, you can also easily change your password, change your Riot ID and enable two-factor authentication.

You can also connect to Prime Gaming for the awesome Prime Awards, and to Twitch so that you can receive drops while watching Esports Events like MSI and the League of Legends World Championship.

Can I Change My Riot ID?

Yes, you can change your Riot ID. It is actually fairly easy. Just follow the steps below, and you will be able to change your Riot ID in no time. 

  1. Go to Your Riot Account Page
  2. Go to Account Management
  3. Click on Riot ID
  4. Change your Riot ID in the first row

How Often Can I Change My Riot ID

If you are one to change your name on a weekly basis, I, unfortunately, have to disappoint you. You are only able to change your Riot ID for free once every 90 days. Once you decide to change your ID, you can also customize your tagline, which is useful if you have a certain set of characters that are easily remembered. 

This is because Riot wants player names to be more important. They want you to identify with your name. 

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