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This champion is just good... always.

LoL: Five Reasons to Main Ezreal

Champions 25-04-2024 16:52

Ezreal is the type of champion that is always meta in League of Legends. So, you should definitely become an Ezreal main to have one champion that never goes out of style.

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LoL: You should become an Ezreal main. | © Riot Games

Ezreal is probably one of the most beloved champions in League of Legends. He's the type of champ that can build anything and everything and still be useful. He's also always meta, even when he isn't at his strongest. 

So, it's time you stop playing awful champions like Zeri in the bot lane, and instead focus on a fun OG champ like Ezreal. 


League of Legends: Why You Should Become An Ezreal Main

5. Ezreal Can Be Played Anywhere

Heavenscale Ezreal Prestige
Just look at this handsome champion. | © Riot Games

Who else remember 2017 and the year Ezreal took over the jungle? Hell, he even got a League of Legends World Championship skin... from a jungler. This is a champion that can be played and found in various areas of the map and he can be played anywhere. This makes him a great pick and fun to mess around with. Plus we're talking about solo queue here, of course we're going to go off-meta. 

In 2021, he saw some time in the mid lane as well and let's be real, you can bring this puppy out as a support if you so wish and even as a top laner. He's got the flexibility to play anywhere and dominate the bot lane where he usually is found as well. 

4. His Playstyle is Reactive

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He's just so fun! | © Riot Games

Now in solo queue there are way too many people with opinions and ideas on one team. Some want to take drake, others want to fight and in the end you don't know who to follow on your team. While most champions like to be the ones to engage and start off fights to be able to have the upper hand, Ezreal doesn't need to do that to be a good champion. 

Ezreal, can sit back and wait until the mid game, when he is at his strongest, before ever fighting. He doesn't have to play as aggressive as other bot laners. His abilities also mean that he is able to sit back and then use his abilities once his team started a fight. Thanks to Arcane Shift he's also very safe in the backline with an escape option at the ready all the time. This means he can escape any bad situation with ease. Until that point he can poke with his W - Q combo. 

3. Build Variety 

Updated Porcelain Ezreal Splash
Ezreal has a legendary, an ultimate and a bunch of other skins... | © Riot Games

No champion has as much build variety as Ezreal does. How many different items has he broken already and caused Riot to update and fix? We don't even know, but this is a champion that can build just about anything and somehow end up being useful and good. 

Ezreal depends on his spells more than his auto attacks, making him one of the few pure spellcasters in the bot lane (aside from mages) and that makes him stand out and also have completely different builds from everyone else. Crit? No, thank you fam, we don't need that here as Ezreal mains. 

2. He Has An Easy to Learn Kit

Ezreal Battle Academia
Honestly, Ezreal is just super fun to play. | © Riot Games

While it is extremely difficult to master Ezreal, compared to some other bot lane champions, especially new ones, he is an extremely simple champion. His kit isn't convoluted, and his abilities make sense on the first read through. All you need to know is to keep your E at the ready in-case you get engage on and to always throw out your W before your Q for max damage. Weave in an auto-attack here and there and you're good. 

This makes playing Ezreal very easy even if you're autofilled into the role, but to know exactly how to move and kite is the thing that will take you a while to master with Ezreal. Since he's a more passive bot laner who will follow up his team's engages you can take your time to master farming with him. Honestly, once you know how to properly predict an opponents moves then hitting those Q skillshots will be easy. 

1. Ezreal Has A Lot of Skins

Ezreal Sternenwächter
We had a lot of choices for images in this article. | © Riot Games

Now, as per usual, we also have to highlight a champions drip when it comes to whether you should main them. While not all of Ezreal's skins are bangers like Jhin, he does have a lot of them. Ezreal is the male champion with the most skins and for the longest time even had more than both Miss Fortune and Lux. So, amongst men in LoL, he's still the number one. 

Sure, not every skin is a great one, but overall Ezreal has a lot of options to choose from. His legendary skin that was released in 2022 is great and he's even one of the few champions that has an ultimate skin. So, if you're just looking for drip marketing, then Ezreal is your go-to male champion in League of Legends. 

Overall, he's a unique bot lane champion that plays like no other, but for some reason is always part of the meta. No matter which champions are strong in the bot lane, Ezreal can always keep up so it's good to have him as a pocket pick even if you don't main him as your number one champion. He's also a great pick in pro play, so you'll likely see him often no matter which esports league you follow. 

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