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LoL: Riot Is Forcing Olaf Jungle - Is It Working?

News 15-04-2024 15:56

Olaf is one of the older champions in the game. Back in the days, he was primarily played in the jungle. Nowadays, he basically isn't played at all and if there is a rare occurrence that he is, it is in the top lane. Riot has been trying to change that though but let's just say that they had "limited" success doing that.

Dragonslayer Olaf
Olaf is the OG Berserker. | © Riot Games

Olaf has had his fair share of metas where he was either incredibly good or unplayable. Currently, he is a very niche top lane champion that only gets picked up in really good match ups. His biggest strength is the CC immunity which allows him to run at an enemy ADC without getting peeled off. 

Recently Riot has been trying to make Olaf Jungle a bit more viable with a few changes towards his monster damage. 

Olaf Jungle? Will It Be A Thing?

Sentinel Olaf
Haven't seen an Olaf in ages. | © Riot Games

In both Patch 14.7 and Patch 14.8 Riot is adjusting Olaf's Q with some bonus monster damage. These changes came pretty much out of nowhere with some buffs to his W and E. 

It appears that Riot would like to see the Berserker back in the jungle, and it might just be happening. After the changes Olaf Jungle currently stands in the B-tier with an almost 49% win rate. This will certainly increase with the buffs in Patch 14.8 so you can actually assume that this pick is working out.

The most used item patch is Blue Smite into Stridebreaker which helps his clear and chase potential. Olaf can also absolutely benefit from the Experimental Hexplate which we have seen very little of.

Olaf Jungle can definitely be a thing it is just a matter of if the players actually want to play the champion there as he has been very niche and low pick rate for a while.

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