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Unleash massive damage with these bot lane champions in patch 14.14!

LoL: ADC & Bot Lane Tier List For Patch 14.14

Patch Notes 18-07-2024 17:34

Who reigns supreme in the bot lane for League of Legends during patch 14.14? Dive into our bot lane tier list to discover the top-performing carries!

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Which "ADC" will be at the top? | © Riot Games

This League of Legends patch we didn't get many changes in the bot lane. Aphelios received some buffs and Smolder's Q was slightly buffed. 

These changes don't seem to alter a lot but we will still look at the tier list for some minor changes.

Take a look at our other champion tier lists in the meta:

ADC & Bot Lane Tier List For LoL Patch 14.14: These Are The Best Bot Laners

1. Jinx

Jinx is really strong this patch with a 51.74% win rate.

Heartseeker Jinx
Jinx is back on top. | © Riot Games


Your first item should be Infinity Edge. You'll want to get as much crit as possible on Jinx and unfortunately, Riot have taken out the crit from her previous best item, Kraken Slayer. So just rush IE right away. Second, you should get Rapidfirecannon for some more speed and damage. 

Phantom Dancer is a good third option, but you can also pick Lord Dominik's Regards if the enemy team has a lot of tankier champions you need to shred through. 

Power Spikes:

Jinx is all about that late game power. She might not dominate early on, but just wait until she scales. By late game in Patch 14.10, she’s an unstoppable snowballing machine. No other champ scales into late game quite like her.


Keep an eye out for Thresh. Jinx isn’t exactly nimble, and a good hook from Thresh can ruin her early game. Jinx needs time to scale, and getting hooked can really set her back.

Good Synergies:

Jinx pairs well with various supports, but teaming her up with someone sturdy like Nautilus is perfection. Whether she's with enchanters or tank supports, she’s set to shine, but a solid frontline partner like Nautilus is ideal.

2. Kai'Sa

Kai'Sa currently sits at a 50.88% win rate!

Lagoon Dragon Kai Sa splash HD
Don't sleep on Kai'Sa. | © Riot Games


For Kai'Sa, start with Kraken Slayer as your first item. Next, pick up Guinsoo's Rageblade to boost both attack and magic damage. The choice of a third item is more flexible, with Nashor's Tooth being the top pick. Alternatively, consider Terminus for its potential or Navori Quickblades if you're looking for additional attack speed.

Power Spikes:

Kai'Sa performs adequately early on, but her real strength emerges in the late game. As her abilities evolve, she becomes nearly invincible. Her effectiveness depends on your build; choose AD to maximize her Q or AP to enhance her W.


Kai'Sa struggles when facing Nilah, a formidable melee champion equipped with a shield that can block a substantial amount of damage. It's important to maintain a safe distance and avoid close encounters at inopportune times. Pay particular attention to Nilah's ultimate—it's crucial to stay cautious around it!

Good Synergies:

Zac is an ideal ally for Kai'Sa. His ability to stun enemies and disrupt their actions complements Kai'Sa's combat style well. Zac's mobility lets him jump quickly across the battlefield, setting up potent all-in combos with Kai'Sa. Plus, if Kai'Sa finds herself in a tough spot during melee combat, Zac can swiftly jump to her aid.

Bot Lane Tier List For LoL Patch 14.14

Now that we've covered the S-Tier champions in LoL Patch 14.14, let's take a look at where some of your other favorite champions stand. Which of these picks is your main?

Bot lane tier list

A-Tier Bot Laners In LoL Patch 14.14

The A-Tier still holds strong as an excellent category. These champions are reliable choices that can lead you to victory. They become especially valuable when the top-tier S-Tier champions are off-limits due to bans. If you're looking to climb the solo queue ranks, grabbing some picks from the A-Tier is a solid strategy for this patch.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate



Miss Fortune




Traditional picks like Jhin and Ezreal are back in the meta. Riot have made some major adjustments to the bot lane meta. So goodbye APC's and hello ADC's. 

Nilah is also a great pick right now, though she does fare better in higher elos. Since she is a melee ADC, she is harder to master. Make sure to test out some games with her in normals before using her in ranked games. 

F-Tier Bot Laners In LoL Patch 14.14

We recommend steering clear of these picks for this patch. Whether it's due to dismal win rates or recent nerfs, it's best to sidestep these champions for optimal gameplay.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate





Varus joins the bottom 3 in F tier this patch. Aphelios remains down here even though he received some buffs in Patch 14.14.

That rounds up the bot lane champions for LoL Patch 14.14. Which champions, according to you, stand out in terms of power?