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LoL Patch Schedule 2024: All Upcoming Game Updates

Patch Notes 22-02-2024 16:59

League of Legends is being patched on a regular basis. Do you want to find out when each of these patches occurs over the year? Check out the League of Legends patch schedule for 2024!

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LoL Patch Schedule: Hopefully lots of good patches in 2024. | © Riot Games

Before each new League of Legends season, Riot shares a schedule of official updates. This helps fans know when there will be downtime for their favorite game and when changes will happen.

Season 14 just started, but of course it's always good to be prepared, especially if you are looking for those sweet ranked rewards every split now.

League of Legends Patch Schedule: The Current LoL Patch

Season 14 has officially started on the 10 January. We are currently in Patch 14.1.

League of Legends Season 14 is set to feature a total of 24 patches over the course of the year. While the majority of patches will last for two weeks, there will be instances of three-week patches. The duration depends on factors such as the holiday schedule and the 2025 preseason.

Patch VersionPatch Release Date

LoL Patch 14.1

Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024
LoL Patch 14.2

Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024

LoL Patch 14.3Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024
LoL Patch 14.4

Thursday, 22 Feb, 2024

LoL Patch 14.5

Wednesday, 6 March, 2024

LoL Patch 14.6Wednesday, 20 March, 2024
LoL Patch 14.7

Wednesday, 3 April, 2024

LoL Patch 14.8Wednesday, 17 April, 2024
LoL Patch 14.9Wednesday, 1 May, 2024
LoL Patch 14.10Wednesday, 15 May, 2024
LoL Patch 14.11

Thursday, 30 May, 2024

LoL Patch 14.12

Wednesday, 12 June, 2024

LoL Patch 14.13Wednesday, 26 June, 2024
LoL Patch 14.14

Wednesday ,17 July, 2024

LoL Patch 14.15Wednesday, 31 July, 2024
LoL Patch 14.16Wednesday, 14 August, 2024
LoL Patch 14.17

Wednesday, 28 August, 2024

LoL Patch 14.18

Wednesday, 11 September, 2024

LoL Patch 14.19Wednesday, 25 September, 2024
LoL Patch 14.20

Wednesday, 9 October, 2024

LoL Patch 14.21Wednesday, 23 October, 2024
LoL Patch 14.22Wednesday, 6 November, 2024
LoL Patch 14.23

Wednesday, 20 November, 2024

LoL Patch 14.24Wednesday, 11 December, 2024

LoL Patch 15.1

Wednesday, 15 January, 2024

Here's the full timetable for the League of Legends 2023 season. Riot is generally reliable in sticking to their patch schedule, so we anticipate no deviations from these dates. This way, you'll be informed about when changes move from the PBE to the live server.

The PBE cycle consistently stays one step ahead. Currently, on patch 13.24 on the live servers, the PBE cycle is already on 14.1. During this phase, players get the chance to test upcoming changes and adjustments. Player feedback plays a crucial role in refining these elements before they are introduced to the live servers.

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