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Unleash massive damage with these bot lane champions in patch 14.7!

LoL: ADC Tier List For Patch 14.7

Patch Notes 04-04-2024 17:32

Who reigns supreme in the bot lane for League of Legends during patch 14.7? Dive into our bot lane tier list to discover the top-performing carries!

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Which "ADC" will be at the top? | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.7, there are three bot laners that stand out from the crowd.

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ADC Tier List For LoL Patch 14.7: These Are The Best Bot Laners

1. Jinx

Jinx is really strong this patch with a 51.73% Winrate.

Jinx is back in action. | © Riot Games


Jinx starts off with Kraken Slayer and builds into Infinity Edge. Afterwards go either Runaans or Rapid Firecannon. 

Power Spikes:

Jinx scales with her passive so just win a fight and you will be strong.


Jinx loses to long range or CC so Kog'Maw, Twitch or Ashe.

Good Synergies:

Jinx ideally wants to farm safely so an enchanter is good.

2. Twitch

Cheddar Chief Twitch Zesty Dip Zac
Twitch is such a "cheesy" pick. Hehe, I'll see myself out. | © Riot Games

Twitch is a great champion if you want to flank and win team fights.


Twitch really needs Berserker Greaves. His next big powerspike is Blade of the Ruined King. Runaans is the next core items. After that you can buy either Terminus or Infinity Edge. You need to adapt your builds to the enemy comp.

Power Spikes:

Berserker Greaves make you really strong already.


Nilah works great against Twitch as well as champions that either outrange his initial burst or can straight up get to him.

Good Synergies:

Twitch works well with an enchanter support.

3. Vayne

Vayne is still not getting nerfed. It's been how many patches in a row now? Well, yeah, she is still free elo.

Dawnbringer Vayne
Vayne is OP. | © Riot Games


For Vayne, you should always go for Blade of the Ruined King into Rageblade. This two-item combo is absolutely insane on Vayne and allows her to be extremely powerful with just two items.

Power Spikes:

Vayne spikes with two items but, thanks to her Q ability, doesn't have as weak of a laning phase as she once did.


Vayne doesn't have real counters since she's in an extremely strong state. However, champions with strong laning phases like Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw, and Draven have the best chance against her.

Good Synergies:

Vayne pairs well with enchanters who can protect her or with poke mages who can compensate for her slightly weaker laning phase.

Soraka and Maokai are two very potent supports for Vayne, as they have both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Bot Lane Tier List For LoL Patch 14.7

Now that we've covered the S-Tier champions in LoL Patch 14.7, let's take a look at where some of your other favorite champions stand. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Bot Laners?

14 7 adc
Tierlist for 14.7 in the Bot Lane

The A-Tier remains an excellent choice. These champions are reliable selections that can lead you to victory. They're your go-to options when the S-Tier faces a ban. For those aiming to climb the solo queue ladder, these picks are essential for this patch. 

Twisted Fate is a little bit of an outlier and will probably get nerfed soon.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate


Miss Fortune50.82%9.8%

Who Are Our D-Tier Bot Laners?

We recommend staying away from these picks for this patch. Whether it's due to dismal win rates or recent nerfs, it's best to avoid these champions for optimal gameplay.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate



Kai'Sa has completely lost her meta relevancy (I dont mind she was meta for way too long). But it's sad to see that ADC's like Ezreal and Varus have fallen behind so far.

It is mind-boggling that champions with such high pick rate have such low win rates. It shows again that ADC's are the worst players in the game. No offense.

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