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Control Mage, Assassin, Hyper Carry? We got it all in this Patch 14.10 Mid Lane Tier list.

LoL: Mid Lane Tier List For Patch 14.10

Patch Notes 16-05-2024 17:27

Hi guys. I searched through a lot of statistics, so you don't have to. This one is about the mid lane and let me tell you, the champion at the top of our mid lane tier list is actually just cracked right now.

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Who will be the best mid laner in Patch 14.10? | ©Riot Games

The mid-season update has just hit Summoner's Rift, but what does this mean for the mid lane in League of Legends? With most changes geared towards the bot lane, there are also some insane adjustments that have hit the mid lane. 

So let's go over the champions in the mid lane so you know who to pick and who to avoid at all costs in LoL Patch 14.10. 

Mid Lane Tier List: S-Tier Mid Lane Picks Of LoL Patch 14.10

3. Vex

Vex is in our top three, sitting at a win rate of 55.99%.

Empyrean Vex
Vex is finally getting her time to shine. | © Riot Games


You'll want to get Luden's Companion first and then get yourself some magic penetration with Shadowflame. Your third item can be situational so you can go for Zhonya's or Rabadan's or even Cryptobloom. 

Power Spikes:

She is best in the mid game since you'll be able to fight around objectives with her and also threaten globally with your ultimate. 


Ekko and Zoe are super annoying to play against. So it's best to just avoid them as Vex. 

Good Synergies:

Nocturne is a fun champion to pair with Vex since their ultimates can be paired together and can wreak havoc on Summoner's Rift. Players can also go for a Poppy for some good solid support as well. 

2. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is winning our hearts in LoL Patch 14.10 with a solid win rate of 54.05%.

Space Groove Twisted Fate
Groovey! | © Riot Games


Get yourself that Dark Seal early and then make sure to pick up Rod of Ages second. Your third item should be Lich Bane and for some added attack speed get Rapid Firecannon. This is a combination that cannot miss. 

Power Spikes:

Twisted Fate is strongest once he hits level 6. His ultimate is an insane spike since it allows him to consistently threaten the enemy team and objectives. 


Twisted Fate should avoid slippery and mobile enemies like Diana and Fizz. They will just hop around him and then kill him. 

Good Synergies:

Twisted Fate is great with champions like Volibear or Rek'Sai. They're two of his best jungle partners in the game so definitely worth checking them out. 

1. Akshan

Akshan is the best mid laner in the meta right now, with a solid win rate of 56.25%.

Cyber pop akshan
Akshan is one of the best champions right now? | © Riot Games


Kraken Slayer is your first item and best option. Then you can either go for Collector for some extra cash, but in most cases Blade of the Ruined King should also be a good viable option. Your third item is going to be situational and you can pick any ADC item you think will work, though Infinity Edge is always nice to have. 

Power Spikes:

Akshan has a decent early game, and he also enjoys roaming thanks to his W. But you'll definitely want to put the pressure on the enemy once you hit level 6 since your ultimate is able to execute. 


You should definitely ban champions like Swain or Ziggs. Ziggs can out range you and pike you from under tower, while Swain is just a nuisance. He;'s also got sustained damage that will burst you down. 

Good Synergies:

Champions like Warwick and Jarvan IV are great to pair with Akshan. They can get the enemy low, and you can simply deal damage from the backline, staying safe. 

Mid Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 14.10: The Other Mid Lane Champions

While the S-Tier mid laners tend to be the best, there are still a lot of perfect picks in case these champions aren't available. Let's also take a look at some of the bottom-tier champions, which you should take note of and avoid!

14 10 mid lane tier list
Akshan is the top dog, but who else is good? | © Riot Games

The A-Tier Mid Picks of LoL Patch 14.10:

If you're not a fan of the S-tier picks, or they are banned, this is where to look. The A-tier champs are good but don't warrant nerfs, so they are usually about the same.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate






Mages are back in LoL Patch 14.10. There are no assassins in sight this time around thanks to the changes Riot has made. Now mages are back on top with some of the more complicated and some of the easier ones dominating the meta right now. 

Of course, mid lane ADC picks like Tristana are also decent right now, so you can go for that as well if you don't want to play a mage right now. 

The F-Tier Picks of LoL Patch 14.10:

If you want to win, just stay away from these champions, basically no point in playing them unless you're a one-trick.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate





Corki has been killed. No more mid lane for the champion. His entire kit was changed this patch, making him a bot laner instead of a mid laner. His AP damage was taken out of his kit and replaced with AD. So we must say goodbye to mid lane Corki for now... 

Ryze, Azir and Vladimir continue to be part of the F-tier, and we don't expect that to change anytime soon for these high-elo champions. 

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