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Udyr has an abysmal win rate.

Mid-Patch 12.16: Udyr Buffs

Patch Notes
Black Belt Udyr
Udyr got some emergency buffs. | © Riot Games

It's been a few days since the Udyr update has hit the rift and well... let's just say that it's taking a tad bit longer to catch on for most players. Sure, he looks much better and his abilities fit into the current state of League as well, but it seems that they're also a lot weaker. 

Therefore Riot has issued some emergency buffs and patched a Mid-Patch update for LoL Patch 12.16 wherein we're getting some major buffs to Udyr which will hopefully help him find his place on Summoner's Rift... even if he won't be at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship

LoL Patch 12.16 | Emergency Buffs for Udyr

Patch 12.16 has been pretty turbulent with Yuumi getting buffed the second she was nerfed and now Udyr is receiving some buffs as well. This is a similar situation to the release of Akshan, wherein Riot made his entire kit weak, due the one revive gimmick they gave him. 

Sure, Udyr can't revive people and he isn't weak per se, but he does spout an awful 43% win rate according to our own stats, and well... that's not where you want to be, especially after a VGU. You want to thrive as an Udyr main, not cry in a corner, right? 

Udyr Buffs Live

Let's quickly go over the buffs to Udyr's kit so we know just what to expect next time you lock this guy in. 

Q - Wilding Claw
  • Physical Damage: 3/4.2/5.4/6.6/7.8/9% of target's max health --> 3/4.4/5.8/7.2/8.6/10% of targets max health
  • Physical Damage AD Ratio: 4% per 100 bonus AD --> 6% per 100 bonus AD
  • Physical On-Hit Damage: 5/9/13/14/21/25(+10% bonus AD) --> 5/13/21/29/37/45(+20% bonus AD)
W - Iron Mantle
  • Shield Strength: 45/60/75/90/105/120(+40%AP) (2/2.6/3.2/3.8/4.4/5% max health) --> 45/60/75/90/105/120(+40%AP) (2/2.4/2.8/3.2/3.6/4% max Health)
  • Heal On-Hit: 1.2/1.32/1.44/1.56/1.68/1.8% of max health (+8% AP) --> 1.2/1.26/1.32/1.38/1.44/1.5% of max health (+8%AP)
E - Blazing Stampede
  • Bonus Move Speed: 30/34/38/42/46/50% --> 30/37/44/51/58/65%
  • Stun Lockout: 6/5.7/5.4/5.1/4.8/4.5 seconds --> 6/5.6/5.2/4.8/4.4/4 seconds

So, there you have it there are going to be some big changes happening that will make Udyr feel a lit better to play, hopefully. He should be played and win games after the glow up Riot gave him, right? 

If you're curious about more changes in League of Legends and the upcoming patch, then make sure to check out our PBE Patch 12.17 update article. There are some juice changes on there already so be prepared.