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League of Legends: New Rain Shepherd Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 12-06-2024 11:40

Riot is introducing a brand-new skin line to Summoner's Rift. Rain Shepherd is going to be a brand new League of Legends skin line, and it looks incredible!

Rain Shepherd Milio Splash
League of Legends: Milio is finally getting a new skin. | © Riot Games

A brand-new skin line has been introduced by Riot Games for League of Legends. While the last few skin lines have been filled with controversy, it seems that they've hit the mark with their newest designs and skins. Similar to the April Fools 2024 skins, the new Rain Shepherd skin line has also received a lot of positive attention

So let's check out all the champions that will be getting skins in this unique and fun new skin line from Riot Games. Will you be spending some previous RP on these skins, or will you be saving it for the 60K RP Ahri skin bundle?

League of Legends Rain Shepherd Skins: All Champions & Cost

Rain Shepherd Fizz
Who else loves this Fizz skin but hates the champion? | © Riot Games

What should be considered a literal crime by Riot, only two champions are getting Rain Shepherd skins this time around. What was Riot thinking, only including two champions? Well, at least the champions fit extremely well and the skins look incredible. 

Skin NameChampionCostTier
Rain ShepherdMilio1350 RP Epic
Rain ShepherdFizz1350 RPEpic

Fizz and Milio are going to be the sole champions in this skin line for now, but we see a lot of potential for future champions to be included. Add in a Yorick who will throw literal frogs at his enemies. Maybe even Tahm Kench as the froggy overlord? Hell, I could even see Jinx with a giant frog canon. The options are endless. 

Release Date For The Rain Shepherd Skins

These skins are going to be released with LoL Patch 14.13. While a lot of people wondered whether we would finally get the upcoming T1 World Championship skins, it seems that Riot will release those later this year. We're also nearing the upcoming summer event, so it'll be interesting to see when they can squeeze the T1 skins in. 

For now, we can enjoy the Rain Shepherd skins that will release Wednesday, June 26. Which champions do you hope to see in this skin line in the future? 

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