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LoL: Why We Needed The April Fools 2024 Skins

News 25-03-2024 15:16

There are some very creative new skins coming our way!

Toy Terror Cho Gath
Can you guess the champion? It's Cho'Gath!

With Patch 14.7 we will be getting some brand-new April fools skins. These skins are also for champions that usually don't get a lot of love, but Riot has definitely showed us the opposite here.

We will be getting April Fools skins for:

  • Ornn
  • Twitch
  • Zac
  • Rammus
  • Cho'Gath

Check out all the information we have about the skins here:

Why We Needed These Skins

Draven Draven skin
What started with Meowkai turned into this... | © Riot Games

Riot is really good at releasing skins that fit thematically or just look really good. Typically with April Fools they would throw that out the window and just do something that is really fun and silly. Remember Draven Draven for example, which is just the normal Draven with an abnormally large head.

The last few years they opted for a different approach and created the Cats & Dogs skin line specifically for the April fools time. 

While Pretty Kitty Rengar and Fuzz Fizz were funny at first, the skin line didn't really age well. 

They started really reaching with ideas, and they didn't really deliver on the fun and quirky premise of April Fools anymore. 

Personally, I don't really like the newer Cats & Dogs skins solely because those are the only Kled skins that we have gotten in years, and it is terrible. With the new skins Riot has really shown that they can go back and release creative and funny content that doesn't have to adhere to a quirky skin line. These are just great and feel like passion projects that got to see the light of day.

Cheddar Chief Twitch Zesty Dip Zac
These skins are amazing! | © Riot Games

Let's hope that these skins sell well in the champion fan bases because let's be honest, Riot will not make the most revenue from a Cho'Gath skin when Yone Prestige Mythic Edition Legendary v2 is right around the corner.

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