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New LoL Hall of Legends Event: Everything You Need To Know

Guides 12-06-2024 12:27

The long-awaited Hall of Legends event is coming with the new patch! Find out what it's all about and what rewards you can earn here.

Lo L Hall of Legends Faker
Here you will find all the information about the event. | © Riot Games

The grand League of Legends Hall of Legends event starts with Patch 14.12 on June 12 and ends on July 15. For an entire month, players can collect a variety of items, skins, and essences while showcasing their skills on the Rift.

This event celebrates the legends of League and includes not only the event pass but also three exclusive bundles with unique items. So let's take a closer look at the event.

Hall of Legends: What Is It About

The Hall of Legends is similar to the Hall of Fame. Each year, a new LoL legend is chosen who deserves a place in the HoL. This special journey starts, of course, with the League of Legends idol, Faker.

Lol pokal
Who is your ultimate LoL idol? | © Riot Games

He is one of the best players and has inspired many pro players to enter the esports scene. However, it’s not just his skill that has inspired people, but also his calm and determined demeanor. He definitely deserves to kick off this special event!

Hall of Legends Event Start & End Date

The event is going to start on June 12, 2024 and will be ending on July 9. Players will still be able to redeem tokens until July 15 though as is usual with League of Legends event passes. So the time for this event seems rather short, but Riot will be adjusting the amount of experience earned, since it is a larger pass than usual. 

HoL Event: Event Pass

Just like in the past events, there's also an Event Pass available this time. In homage to the King of League, we can relive Faker's career highlights through over 100 tiers and earn exclusive items along the way. There's also supposed to be a special tribute to the champion where it all began, included in the Event Pass.

Pass Rewards:

  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Skin
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze & Syndra Skins
  • 125 Mythic Essence
  • 14 Faker-ific Icons & Emotes
  • “Broccoli Baron” Title
  • Hide on bush Ward
  • Unkillable Demon King Banner
  • 6 Orbs

The Event Pass is available for 1950 RP.

This event is larger than any before. Usually event passes end at 50 with repeatable missions coming after, but this time we've got 100 different stations. So, Riot will be adjusting how much experience is earned. 

Hall of Legends Free Rewards

As with every "normal" event pass, Riot also has some free rewards for players who don't want to pay 1950 RP for the event pass. So, when can you get the free rewards and what are they? Let's check it out. 

  • Level 5: LeBlanc Series 1 Eternals
  • Level 13: LeBLanc Champion Shard
  • Level 17: What Was That Emote
  • Level 33: Hall of Legends 2024 Orb
  • Level 43: Ahri Champion Shard
  • Level 47: 10 Win XP Boost
  • Level 62: 500 Blue Essence
  • Level 82: Hextech Key Fragment
  • Level 98: Broccoli Baron

HoL Event: Risen Legend Collection

Risen Legend Ahri Signature
Faker's signature Risen Legend Ahri skin. | © Riot Games

Riot is bringing out a bunch of collections to celebrate Faker, with each getting more and more expensive, something that has caused quite the stir within the community. There are three specific collections, with the most expensive costing almost $500, which most players are upset over. 

Rsen Legend Collection5430 RP
  • Hall of Legends Pass
  • Risen Legend Ahri Skin
  • Takedown Counter Taunt
  • Ahri (Champion)
  • Exclusive Border
  • Exclusive Icon & Emote
Immortalized Legend Collection32430 RP
  • Immortalized Legend Ahri Skin
  • Exclusive Structure Finisher VFX
  • Exclusive Champ Finisher VFX
  • Custom Visual Announcer
  • Unique Skin Transformations:3 Demon King Forms w/ unique VO
  • Demon’s Chosen Transformationw/ Demon King HUD during Ult
  • Risen Legend Collection
  • Holographic Immortalized Splash Art
  • Dynamic Profile Background
  • Immortalized Border
  • Exclusive Icon & Emote
Signature Legend Collection59260 RP
  • Signature Ahri Skin Upgrades:Faker’s Signature Move (Ctrl+5)Faker’s Structure Finisher
  • “Final Boss Faker” Title
  • Signature Immortalized Border
  • Signature Banner
  • Signature Splash Art(Ahri & LeBlanc)
  • Immortalized Legend Collection
  • 100 Pass Levels
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Paragon Chroma
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, & Syndra Paragon Chromas
  • Exclusive Icon & Emote

It is important to note that Riot has stated in their Frequently Asked Question section regarding this event that the content is likely not going to return to the shop again, making this an exclusive time-limited event. 

At current, this content is meant to be available for a limited time only and there are no plans to bring these cosmetics back. Likewise, there are no plans to add the Hall of Legends cosmetics to the loot pools, including rerolls.
Risen Legend Le Blanc
LeBlanc is also getting her own skin. | © Riot Games

This makes the "fear of missing out" all the more awful and will likely incite players to spend so much money even if they might not have it readily available. There should be exclusive content for players who want it, but not by putting an unreal high price on an in-game cosmetic... 

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