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League of Legends: New Rising Legend Ahri Skin Leaked

Skins 23-05-2024 17:30

Riot just revealed the Hall of Legends and the first inductee: Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok. With it a brand-new Ahri skin, which was previously teased, has also been revealed. 

Foxfire Ahri
League of Legends: Ahri's upcoming skin is going to be amazing. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is going to be releasing a brand-new Ahri skin. On April 22, they revealed the trailer for the upcoming Hall of Legends. The first member to be added to the Hall of Legends, something Riot revealed earlier this year, is going to be none other than Faker. 

It seems like Riot is going to be dropping a documentary on Faker and his rise to stardom, including some of the biggest names in esports. Not only that, but Faker will also receive his very own Hall of Legends skin – Rising Legend Ahri. Now the skin might have leaked. 

League of Legends: Hall of Legends Faker Skin Possibly Leaked

In the trailer for the upcoming Faker documentary celebrating his success and career, players got to see a glimpse of what Riot is planning with the Legends Rising Ahri skin. In it, we can see a statue of Ahri behind a statue of Faker. Players also noticed that LeBLanc is also one of the statues in the video. 

Not only will there be skins, but Riot is also going to feature an event around this occasion where players can earn and purchase custom cosmetics. So this is a pretty exciting event and time for League of Legends fans, though some are worried over the price of the upcoming cosmetics. 

Now, a known League of Legends leaker has also revealed two splash arts for Rising Legends Ahri, which is going to be the Ahri skin to celebrate Faker. With two splash arts, players are already thinking of what it could mean. Are we going to be getting "quest skins" back in League of Legends, where players have to complete tasks to unlock the final form? Or will this be a legendary skin, along with one of the Mythic skins everyone hates? If we're lucky, it could be a prestige version for an event prestige. 

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Unfortunately, we don't know yet what the skin will look like in-game, but this should be a pretty cool skin and should have a red, black and gold theme like the statues and leaked splashes. 

With there being a LeBlanc statue in the video, some players hope that we can earn this one through missions, but knowing Riot it will likely also be behind a pay wall. 

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