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LoL: Riot Show Off Massive Increase In Account Bans After Introducing Vanguard

News 21-05-2024 16:00

Vanguard has been added to League of Legends and while the outcry against it was big, the results seem to speak for themselves.

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LoL: Vanguard is showing some serious results. | © Riot Games

Riot introduced Vanguard to the game, and with it came a lot of groaning and complaining from the League of Legends community. The anti-cheat has been quite controversial since its release because of how it works, which caused quite some concern within the community. But now that it's settled, it seems to truly be working. 

A Rioter recently posted a graph showing the ban numbers by system, with a clear increase thanks to Vanguard. This means there are fewer cheaters and scripters in the game, so it should be a positive, right? 

LoL: Vanguard Sets Record-High Ban Wave

Riot Games' Vanguard anti-cheat system operates by running at the kernel level, providing deep system access to monitor the PC it's installed on for cheats. This allows Vanguard to detect and prevent cheating software that operates at the same level of permissions. 

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No more cheaters? | © Riot Games

It's an intricate system that is supposed to prevent cheaters from ruining games. It's been a part of Valorant since the game first released, but it took a while to be added to League of Legends. Now, in a recent patch, Riot finally added it to the game, and its impact is showing. 

Head of anti-cheat at Riot Games Phillip Koskinas revealed a graph in which players can clearly see the impact Vanguard has had on the League of Legends community. A huge increase in bans has gone through thanks to Vanguard. 

Riot K3o also added that the team is working on some ways to counter malicious programs designed for lobby reveals, which could also bring in even more bans in the coming months and weeks. 

Overall, having fewer cheaters in League of Legends is great, especially with how easy it's also always been to find software online. So, is the payoff worth it, or are you still completely against Vanguard in League of Legends? 

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