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Aphelios is on the list!

The Hardest Bot Lane Champions to Master

Lunar Beast Aphelios
He might look cool, but he's so difficult to learn. | © Riot Games

You’ve mastered the easy champions? You know how to press Q with Miss Fortune and that is starting to bore you? Well then, make sure you read on, because today we’re going to be looking at some of the more difficult champions.

These are champions where you’ll need patience and a lot of time before you know how to master them. You need to be able to combo together your abilities to get out the most of them… or they just have awful early games and take forever to get online. So let’s check out some of the most difficult bot lane champions to master.

The Most Difficult ADC Champions in League of Legends

3. Kalista

Kalista is a very unique champion. She is basically useless alone, so the fact that TheShy managed to abuse this pick in the top lane is still a mystery. Kalista might have more mobility than other ADCs, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be caught. Opponents with gap closers are able to jump on her and since she’s squishy, that will usually mean she’s dead.

Marauder Kalista
She is fun, but difficult. | © Riot Games

Her early game also isn’t the greatest, which means it’ll be hard for you to scale into an AD beast — RIP, she only does 90% AD damage with auto attacks. One thing that is also key to playing Kalista is having a lane partner with you who is on the same page as you. So, if you’re playing solo queue alone and your lane partner is tilted, then you can already kiss every advantage you might have goodbye.

She takes long to master, but it will be so worth it in the end. No other ADC is as good at taking baron or dragon, she can kite other abilities with ease. Once you’ve mastered Fate’s Call you’ll be able to dictate the flow of the game, saving your support or throwing them into a fight to kickstart the action.

2. Aphelios

Did you really think we would leave Aphelios off our list? Fat chance. This pick is one of the most confusing ADCs for anyone who is just starting off playing League of Legends. Instead of utilizing W and E for regular abilities, you switch between different guns or to check which guns will come up next.

Aphelios Nightbringer
Aphelios is not a noob friendly champion. | © Riot games

You’re also pretty reliant on gun combos. You can switch between two of his five available guns and some work in perfect harmony together, so figuring out which guns work well together is quite difficult for beginners. You also have to remember which colored gun does what and if you’re just starting out that can be very overwhelming.

Once you figure out how to play Aphelios though, it’s so rewarding. He is a high damage carry who can quickly shred through his opponents. With his red gun, he can also sustain if he ever drops low in battle. He’s so much fun to play, but it will take quite a lot of practice until you’re ready to use him in your ranked games.

1. Samira

Alright guys, we’ve come to the number one champion. Samira is a menace to play against, if you manage to find someone who is able to combo her abilities together. She is an extremely dominant pick, when played right, but most players don’t know how to play her.

Space Groove Samira
Samira is groovey, but hard to master! | © Riot Games

She is a high snowball champion with great teamfight potential. Not only that, but she can block ultimates from enemies thanks to her W, but knowing when to utilize it could be difficult if you haven’t practised her.

Samira is also the type of champion who is useless when she falls behind — she just can't get back into the game when behind. You’ll have to own the early game to be the carry she is meant to be. Stringing abilities together to get higher skill grades will also require practice and patience on your end. She is a fun champion and super rewarding, but you should definitely get used to League of Legends before touching her in a ranked game.

Who is more difficult? These ADC champions or trying to master the ones from the mid lane? If it's me, then I would just delete Zoe already from the game.