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League of Legends Victorious Skins: Everything You Need To Know

Skins 03-05-2024 16:53

Every season, hundreds of thousands of players reach the coveted gold rank in League of Legends. But not for fame. Not for Glory. No. One Thing unites all players. The Victorious skin at the end of each season.

Victorious aatrox
Victorious skins get released every season. | © Riot Games

So what exactly are victorious skins actually? Well, a victorious skin used to be made every season to celebrate hitting gold ELO. Now, players that reach gold or earn the required ranked split points get this skin and the champion for free to use. 

Since the Season 2023 ranked changes, we get a victorious skin every split instead of every season, meaning 2 victorious skins in 2023 and 3 in 2024 since there are going to be 3 splits.  

Victorious Skins: What Champs Get Them?

In 2018 Riot has released an Ask Riot Article with the Question “What method or criteria do you use to choose which champion gets the victorious skin each year?”.

Basically in spring riot creates a huge list of champions that had a huge impact on the season's be it in ranked or pro play. This list then gets reduced by some key elimination factors. 

A champion will not get a victorious skin

  • If the champion already has a Victorious, Championship or Conqueror Skin.
  • If it plays in the same role as the previous victorious skin champion.
  • If the champion already has another skin coming. 
  • If the champion has big balance changes coming. 

Previous Victorious Skins

  • 2011 Victorious Jarvan IV
The first victorious skin goes to the king Jarvan IV. | © Riot Games
  • 2012 Victorious Janna
  • 2013 Victorious Elise
  • 2014 Victorious Morgana
  • 2015 Victorious Sivir
  • 2016 Victorious Maokai
  • 2017 Victorious Graves
  • 2018 Victorious Orianna
  • 2019 Victorious Aatrox
  • 2020 Victorious Lucian
  • 2021 Victorious Blitzcrank
  • 2022 Victorious Sejuani
  • 2023 Split 1 Victorious Anivia
  • 2023 Split 2 Victorious Tryndamere
  • 2024 Split 1 Victorious Kog'Maw
Victorious Anivia Final WEB
The first of 2 victorious skins in 2023. | © Riot Games

In 2017 Riot has also started giving victorious skins chromas. For Graves, Orianna and Aatrox the different chromas were unlocked by hitting gold in the other ranked queues like Flex Queue (RIP 3 vs 3). Nowadays, the chromas are rank specific, so if you hit master ELO you get a nice pink chroma and all the ones below master as well. 

We still don't know what the last victorious skin for 2023 could be. Any guesses?

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