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LoL Ranked Season 13 Split 2 End Date

Patch Notes 23-11-2023 16:10

This year, Riot added in a split system to the League of Legends ranked season. So, when does Split 2 of Ranked Season 13 end? 

Victorious Sejuani
LoL Ranked Season 13 Split 2 will end soon. | © Riot Games

 The 2023 League of Legends ranked season is different from previous iterations. Normally, Riot simply has one split throughout the year, with the ranked season ending by late November, but in 2023, it was decided to add in two-splits which would then elongate the ranked season. 

So, if the split won't end late November as it usually does, how much longer will you be able to grind ranked and when will the ranked season end for you? 

LoL Ranked Season 13 Split 2: When Does It End? 

Victorious orianna
Which champion should get a victorious skin? | © Riot Games

This year, Riot is going to be elongating the ranked split. There is no official preseason on live servers, with all changes getting added to the PBE for testing and then put live with LoL Patch 14.1, when the next League of Legends season will start. 

Thanks to these changes, the ranked split will be extended until January 3, 2024. That's when ranked is going to go down for about one week before the start of the next season on January 9, 2024. 

Players will be getting their ranked rewards, like the Victorious skin and chroma with Patch 14.1. Unfortunately, Riot have not yet revealed which champion is going to be getting a Victorious skin for LoL Season 13 Split 2, but we can imagine it'll be a top lane champion after a mid laner got the skin in the first split. 

So make sure to use this final month to grind the final games of League of Legends ranked before Split 2 of Season 13 ends in the new year. Good luck! 

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