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Some things you can't buy with money. Wait, no, you can, you just need a lot of it!

Leaked Senna Eclipse Skin is Expected to be the Most Expensive Skin in the Game

Skins 21-03-2022 23:45
Senna true damage prestige
Thresh's lantern was good for Senna's image, it seems | © Riot Games

Big Bad Bear strikes again. Just days ago he leaked the release date of the new Void jungler champion as well as that of the Aurelion Sol rework, poised to stalk the Rift, and now he's giving us information about the newest skin players will flex on others with.

The newest skin to grace the Rift is described as 2.0 Prestige skin. Prestige skins, by themselves, are meant to be the top-of-the-line skins for each champion that has the honor of owning one, with only one such skin available in any champion's skin collection.

This skin is meant to take that to a whole new level, making you wonder just what it may entail to do so, and warrant its ridiculously high price.

How Much Will the New Senna Skin Cost?

The new, leaked, Eclipse Senna skin will not be available for sale to all League of Legends players. Instead, only players that have bought 25 capsules in-game. To buy that amount of capsules costs around 18 thousand RP. Factoring in the price of the skin itself, we are looking at a price of 18750 RP, for this special Prestige skin.

Elementalist Lux
At least you know you're getting your money's worth with this skin| © Riot Games

With the current price of Riot Points, it comes out to around 150 dollars. And, while it's nowhere near the price of a rare skin such as PAX Twisted Fate, for a new skin, it's unimaginable.

We must mention that, currently, the most expensive skins in League of Legends, RP-wise, are the Ultimate skins, such as Elementalist Lux or Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, with a price of 3250 Riot Points. Both of these can be considered to be multiple skins in one, with Gun Goddess Miss Fortune giving players an option of four different guns and thus sound effects to choose from, and Elementalist Lux doing the same visually with ten different in-game elements to choose from.

What, then, will the Eclipse Senna skin be like, to warrant a price almost six times the price of Ultimate skins.

When Will the Eclipse Senna Skin be Released?

As per Big Bad Bear's leak, the Eclipse Senna skin is poised to be released just after the mythic items overhaul, alongside the new Void jungler coming to the Rift in patch 12.8

With so many new things coming to League of Legends with this patch, it's highly likely that patch 12.8 will be the start of a new seasonal event, or perhaps the height of its story.