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Who is the Void Jungler?

New LoL Champion | Bel'Veth Release in Patch 12.11

Champions 20-05-2022 20:23
Bel Veth Splash Art leak
Is this her splash? | © Riot Games

The next League of Legends champion is going to be a jungler from the Void. That much is already known, but what their abilities might be and what they could look like remains a mystery.  

We're going to take some guesses as to what type of champion the Void jungler could be and what some abilities of their kit could look like. Will they be OP like Viego or be forgotten like Rell

Bel'Veth Release Date Leaked

With the release of the two Bel'Veth trailers — the German trailer even confirming the name Bel'Veth — we were pretty sure that the new jungler was only a few patches away, but now it's been confirmed by leakers that the Bel'Veth release patch will be LoL Patch 12.11. 

According to leaker Ryscu, Bel'Veth will hit the PBE on May 24, 2022 and will be live with Patch 12.11 which is going to release on June 8, 2022. 

Bel'Veth Trailer Officially Released

Riot has officially released the trailer for Bel'Veth and she looks incredible. Now all we need is for Riot to show us her in-game model so we can be mesmerized by her, just as everyone else in Runeterra is. 

Voice Lines Found on PBE

According to leaker Ryscu on YouTube, some of Bel'Vether voice interactions have been added to the PBE. This could be a sign that Bel'Veth is going to release in the coming patch. Of course, in Patch 12.10 we won't get her just yet, since she hasn't been tested on PBE yet, but this could confirm that she is ready to take over the Rift in Patch 12.11. 

She will likely get added to the PBE for PBE 12.11, which means that her release would be Wednesday, June 8, 2022 with League of Legends Patch 12.11. 

We also get more information on Bel'Veth herself, as well as who will play an integral part in the 2022 Void event. Kai'Sa seems to play the main role, while Vel'Koz, Kassadin and Malzahar will also be important. But who else could we see? Azir? Cho'Gath? Taliyah?

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Kai'Sa Splash Art Could Reveal New Hints Surrounding Bel'Veth and Void Event

If you're an avid fan of the Void and reading our articles, then you'll know that we've been gushing about a potential Void Event since 2021. Bel'Veth is going to play a huge part in this event, so we do believe her release will coincide with it. 

But now, Riot has revealed a brand-new Kai'Sa splash art which could be the hint we've needed that in Patch 12.11 or Patch 12.12 we're finally going to be getting the Void Event, as well as Bel'Veth. On May 17, 2022 Riot changed Kai'Sa's splash on the League of Legends Universe page

On the splash, she's clearly corrupted and there are multiple void fish in the background, something that has been a symbol for Bel'Veth for a while. Bel'Veth has 'swarm' abilities, she looks like a manta ray and even in the story of Malzahar there is talk of swarm and fish. So, of course, this makes us think we're one step closer to finally playing Bel'Veth. 

Void Event Kai Sa
Just look at her! | © Riot Games

Bel'Veth Trailers Leaked

Now, the Kai'Sa splash art is cute and all, but there is another big bomb that got dropped on Twitter. Two trailers for Bel'Veth have made an appearance as unlisted videos by Riot Games. These videos were posted on May 16, 2022. 

This is just another big hint that Bel'Veth is ever creeping closer to her release. Soon, she will be the 160th Champion in League of Legends. If you're curious, check out the trailers below:

Leaker Reveals Bel'Veth's Kit

A leaker on Reddit has revealed the new champions kit. BigBadBear also confirmed this leak on his YouTube, so this could be quite accurate. 

Passive - Death in Lavender
  • When enemies die around Bel'Veth they drop something which she can collect to stack her passive.
  • The passive also forms a swarm based on the stacks
  • Grants her lifesteal against jungle camps
  • Attacking turrets or epic mosnters her swarm will protect her, healing her and damaging it. This also consumes the stacks
Q- Void Surge
  • Passive: she has an arrow with 4 diagonals
  • Active: Bel'Veth dashes dealing damage and slowing opponent
  • When she damages champions or monsters (in the direction of her arrow) with her dash she can cast it again
  • Using it against small monsters/minions will recharge 40% of her Q coodlown
  • Procs her passsive to passed enemies while in Endless Banquet
W - Above and Below
  • This is similar to Rek'Sai W mixed with Pyke W
  • Bel'Veth goes underground, gains movement speed and she can go through walls
  • SHe unburrows, dealing damage and knocking up enemies
  • While in Endless Banquet she becomes untargetable and grants a stun after knockup
E - Royal Maelstrom
  • Bel'Veth channels a vortex which pulls enemies close and damages them
  • While channeling she cannot move, but receives less damage
  • She gives back a % of all damage she received from her attackers
  • While in Endless Banquet this deals a % of true damage over time, her damage reduction is higher and at the end she can explode an Area

R - Endless Banquetq

  • Bel'Veth turns into her true form for a short while
  • Her skills are buffed when in this form
  • She gains HP, MR, Armos and Damage
  • Collecting passive stacks heals her for a %
  • She also makes a swarm which attack enemies

Bel'Veth Has Been Leaked 

Bel'Veth has been leaked on YouTube. She is a beautiful floating manta ray from the Void and she is our empress... oh no, I've looked too close at her and have become bewitched. 

Unfortunately, her kit has not been leaked, but now we know what she looks like and can imagine just what type of abilities she'll have. One thing is for sure though, she will transform thanks to her ultimate

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Looking at this, the image from the 2022 Champion roadmap makes a lot more sense, eh? You can tell that in the image above, part of her wing is seen in the image. 

Which Skin Will the Void Jungler Have? 

Ryscu did not explicitly state which skin she is going to get upon release, but gave a pretty obvious hint, which could mean that we're getting new Battle Boss skins soon. 

[Update April 10, 2022] 

Is The New Champion Delayed? 

According to leakers, the jungler was supposed to be announced between April 11 and April 15, but it seems like players will have to wait a little bit longer to find out about the champion. This isn't the first time Riot delays a champion. Just last year Vex had to be delayed until September 2021, while Zeri and Renata Glasc were both pushed back into 2022. 

Why Is the Champion Delayed? 

There could be multiple reasons, like wanting to release the champion along with the alleged Void event we're getting this year, or due to some form of technical problems with the champion. For now these are just speculations and rumors though, so anything could still happen. 

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[Update April 6, 2022]

Has The Junglers Name Been Released? 

Rem'Ora or Be'Veth?

It seems like leakers have figured out the next champion's name, but to be honest, it was right before our eyes all along. In the 2022 live stream, Reav3 was 'possessed' by this champion and if you watch back the VOD with subtitles the name Remora will pop up. 

Is that the name of the new champion? Could be. In the real world, Remora is a type of fish which travels in schools and that latch onto bigger fish — also called sucker fish — and that comparison could also make sense with this upcoming Void champion. 

In Malzahar's story there is some mention of fish and the ocean and judging by all the updates to Void champions, and Kassadin getting a new splash art, we do believe that Rem'Ora could be the actual name of the next champion. 

Prominent League of Legends leaker BigBadBear has also just released a video on YouTube in which he explained that the newest League of Legends champion is going to be called Bel'Veth. But does that make any sense?

His reasoning was that the champion is named after the city of Belveth, which was mentioned in the Season 12 live stream by Reav3 when he was 'possessed'. What name would you guys prefer? Bel'Veth or Rem'Ora? 

Kassadin Splash Update
Could there be a hint in the splash? | © Riot Games

[Update March 18, 2022]

Void Jungle Leaks on Twitter

Twitter user BigBadBear has released some leaks regarding the upcoming League of Legends jungler. Take this information with a grain of salt, this is just a leak and could be completely off. 

Accoridng to BigBadBear, the Void jungler will be released around Patch 12.8. This could make sense, because around that time Riot also has an unnamed Clash tournament planned — Void Event Clash anyone? 

Also, the Void champion should take inspiration from a previously planned Void creature, Omen. Only the champion will look rounder and more purple to go with the Void theme. 

The champion will also try to achieve its final form throughout a game. Whether that means the champion transforms depending on the camps they take or any other way is unknown. 

Who is the Next LoL Champion? 

The next League of Legends champion is going to be a Void creature. That much is known, but how monstrous this beast will actually be is not known, though we do have some suspicions. Personally, I can imagine a wasp-like purple Voidling swarming Runeterra. 

The amount of bug references have been pretty significant. Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, Lead Champion Producer for League of Legends, stated that this champion will swarm the rift and we all know that wasps, or even ants, swarm their targets. 

Not only that, but during the Season 12 live stream Reav3 spoke of an 'empress' and we all know that wasps have a single queen who lays eggs and has to be protected at all costs. The references all make sense, right? 

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What Abilities Will the Void Jungler Have? 

Riot has not revealed the champion's abilities, but we have some ideas, judging by the tidbits of information we've gotten throughout the last few months. 

One ability could be a sort of swarm ability. Maybe the Void jungler will be able to command their own swarm of creatures, like Malzahar Voidlings or Elise's Spiderlings.

Another ability that could be interesting is some form of possession ability. Riot August stated that the jungler will 'fill a void in all our hearts' and in the Season 12 live stream Reav3 was 'possessed' by the Void jungler – yes it was a bit cringe but it was probably a hint. 

Do We Know Anything About the Void Junglers Lore? 

For now there has been no leak in regard to the champions' lore, but we do think that there is going to be a bigger League of Legends event coming which will encompass the Void. We do think that Kassadin and Malzahar will play a role in the champions' lore. 

Malzahar is the one who will enable the Void jungler to make it to Runeterra, so they will likely be related in some way or shape. We went over the battle between Kassadin and Malzahar in greater detail already, so make sure to check that out, there could be some hints in their lore which could point to the upcoming Void jungler and their role in the Void event. 

What do you guys think, will the Void jungler be a swarming OP mess or a balanced wasp possessing us all to become jungle mains? 

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