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Becasue 1800 RP aren't enough...

Leaks: Riot Might Introduce New LoL Skin Tier

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Riot wants to introduce a new skin tier according to leakers. | © Riot Games

Riot is looking to cash in on skins some more, by creating a whole new skin tier. This skin tier would be place above legendary skins, but below ultimate skins. 

Riot is continuing to up their skin game. Even amidst the source code getting stolen for League of Legends and a lack of new patches, Riot still managed to release brand-new skins to the game. So, now they might even make some more expensive skins. 

New Legendary+ Skin Tier Might Come to League of Legends

It hasn't even been that long since fans complained about the legendary Mythmaker Irelia skin and how it was a pay to lose skin, due to a lag in her auto attacks which caused players to miss crucial CS. 

Now, there are rumours floating about that Riot is looking to milk their cash cow League of Legends some more, by adding a new skin tier. Leaker BigBadBear revealed this information on his YouTube channel.

Will any of these champions be getting a Legendary+ skin?

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He also added on that last year, Riot sent around a survey to players, in which they asked about 2400 RP skins. So, it could be that they had enough positive feedback in the survey to give Legendary+ skins a chance in 2023. 

These skins would, apparently, have new visual effects for takedowns of champions, as well as epic jungle monsters

Legendary+ Skins Release

Originally, these skins should have been released for the next event, but it seems Riot has pushed the skin back and it will be releasing with the big Summer event in July 2023. 

Which champion could be getting a legendary+ skin? Probably Ahri, right? Or maybe Lux. 

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