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iG is back!

Young Top Laner Wins Match Day After Getting Hospitalized

After going to the hospital the young top laner was back with a vengeance. | © Riot Games

On Saturday, February 4, Invictus Gaming took on ThunderTalk Gaming and ended up losing. This was the team's first loss of the year, and their rookie top laner seemed to have taken the loss personally. 

After the loss top laner Chau "YSKM" Shu Tak went on to play a multitude of solo queue games, going so far to even have to be taken to hospital due to chest pains. 


iG YSKM Had To Go To Hospital Due To Chest Pains

Invictus Gaming has started off hot this year. After multiple lacklustre splits, it seems that the 2018 World Championship winning team is back in form with a brand-new squad led by young talent. 

After their first loss this season against ThunderTalk Gaming, star top laner YSKM, went online and played multiple rounds of solo queue, according to LPL Fanclub on Twitter

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Two days later, on February 6, 2023 there were rumours afloat that the top laner had to go to the hospital due to chest pain. On the same day, YSKM posted on his social media explaining the situation. 

LPL Fanclub translated his post: 

Went to the hospital after scrims, nothing serious, just need to rest more and stop drinking coffee, then I will be fine. Coaches bought me some tonics, they even want me to stop playing scrims haha. Thanks to my team and everyone.

Fans were worried when they saw that YSKM would be starting for Invictus Gaming in their game on February 7, 2023 against LGD, but the team played their best and managed an easy 2-0 win in the best of three. 

YSKM also answered some questions in the post-match interview pertaining to his health, where he explained that he still has some chest tightness and does cough sometimes, but it seems doctors merely advised him not to stay up too late and to stop drinking coffee. 

Hopefully he continues to stay healthy, since YSKM has been one of the most exciting new talents to watch in the LPL and many believe that he is going to be the next big superstar in the top lane from the region, akin to 369 and TheShy. 

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