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LoL Fans Consider Mythmaker Irelia a Pay to Lose Skin

Skins 23-01-2023 17:30
Mythmaker Irelia Splash
Oh boy... the community has not been kind to this skin. | © Riot Games

Mythmaker Irelia has had some issues since it first hit the PBE Server back in December, where fans felt that the skin was not worth the 1820 RP it was costing as a legendary skin. Now that it's been on live servers for almost two weeks, fans feel that it is a pay to lose skin.

Fans on Reddit have torn into the skin and explained why this skin isn't worth the money, some even stating that while it looks nice, players should save their money and pick up Sentinel Irelia instead, since that one is much better. 


Auto-Attacks Ruin Skin In-Game

Due to the added VFX and SFX on legendary skins, they sometimes feel a bit different from other skins when someone uses them in-game. These changes can have an effect on the players themselves and while most of the time these tiny changes don't really have an effect, this time around it seems that players are not feeling the updates. 

Mythmaker Irelia is a beautiful skin, but with some changes done to her auto-attacks, players are struggling, especially in the early phases when she has no extra attack speed or anything. For an auto-attack heavy champion like Irelia, it's her bread and butter, so just a slight change can mess up players. 

Is Solo Queue in a worse state than ever before? 

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The VFX animation on her auto seems to have a slight delay in comparison to her base model, which means that crucial last-hitting is much more difficult. You need to last-hit in League to be able to gain gold, which makes this a pretty huge L for Irelia players who are used to the regular speed without the delay. 

Whether Riot will address this delay is yet to be decided, but it seems that there are more than a few people who are unhappy with the changes to the skin and how it has affected their play in-game. 

Some fans suggest that players should just pick up Sentinel Irelia instead, since this skin's E is basically invisible and makes it a much better skin. Of course if you don't play Irelia too often and aren't attuned to her usual attack speed, especially early on, then the skin might not affect you as much as others though. 

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