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Riot finally shows off the new Inkshadow skins!

LoL MSI 2023 Inkshadow Skins Revealed

Skins 18-04-2023 13:25
Inkshadow yasuo prestige
Well if this isn't a skin to look forward to: Inkshadow Yasuo Prestige Edition!

Riot is releasing brand-new skins called Inkshadow for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. This confirms previous leaks about upcoming skins for specific champions, but there are a few new ones announced that come as a surprise to most. 

With the League of Legends skins team back in full-force we are receiving another new skin line in Season 13. This time we're celebrating MSI 2023 and all the action that will take place in London. So, which champions will be getting Inkshadow skins, and how much will they cost?

LoL Inkshadow Skins: Champions and Cost

Of course, you'll want to know how much these skins cost right? You'll also need to know whether one of your favorite champions is on the list, since you won't want to get a skin for a champion you hardly play. 

Riot has chosen seven champions to receive skins and while there are some pretty popular champions that get their yearly skin, they've also added some champions that are long overdue for a new skin. 

Skin NameChampionSkin TierPrice
InkshadowMaster YiLegendary1820
InkshadowAurelion SolEpic1350
InkshadowYasuo Prestige EditionMythic2,0000 Tokens

Master Yi will be getting his second legendary skin, while Yasuo is going to get a second prestige skin. This has caused quite the stir in the community, with many finding it unfair that champions that already have legendary and prestige skins are getting their second, while other champions have 0... 

LoL MSI 2023: Inkshadow Event Incoming

We are also going to have an event during the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, as is normal for big esports events. Even though the community has spoken out against the battle pass and the grind, it is highly unlikely that anything will change with this event. 

The only thing Riot can really do on the fly is change the amount of experience players receive for completing their missions, so we will have to keep an eye out once the PBE is live, whether Riot is going to increase the experience. 

LoL Inkshadow Skins: Two Release Dates For PBE

While some of the skins are going to be going live on the PBE for 13.8, Riot did state that all Inkshadow skins are going to be released to live servers in LoL Patch 13.9.

Riot is just adding them onto the PBE for some additional testing, hence why we also haven't gotten the Splash art's yet, due to them releasing with PBE Patch 13.9. 

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