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LoL: Inting or Genius? Is TheBausffs Rammus Top Legit?

Champions 31-03-2023 17:30
Wild Rift Rammus
LoL: Is this int or genius? | © Riot Games

TheBausffs is probably one of the most well-known League of Legends streamers out there with a huge fan base. He got famous through his 'inting Sion' strategy which actually works and has also innovated other champions in the top lane and how to play them. 

Recently, along with his main pick Sion, he's found another champion he enjoys to play which is none other than top lane Rammus, but is this purely him inting, or is there more behind this insane pick? 


LoL: Top Lane Rammus Goes 0/14/0 And Still Wins

TheBausffs is known for some questionable playstyle and some might just report him for inting, but surprisingly his starts seem to work out more often than not. While in one of his recent games he did go 0/14/0 with Rammus top, there are many more which show off that he can have an impact in game. 

One fan even explained that during the 0/14/0 game Baus was consistently ganked and had to permanently play 1v3 or even 1v4, while the rest of his team had free rein to push and win the lane all by themselves. That's just the Baus effect, eh? 

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But, what goes into Rammus top, and how is it so effective? This is a strategy that is especially effective for players when they go up against other melee champions. For example Jax who has been immensely popular in the top lane ever since his mid-scope update was released in LoL Patch 13.1

Players should build Thornmail, then into Evenshroud to deal as much damage as possible and be able to bully the opposition out of lane. You've also got more than enough armor, which will mean you aren't taking any damage either. 

Rammus also has insane speed thanks to his Q. With his two-items he can catch up to any opposing top laner, use his W and gain more MR and armor, while also amplyfing his own damage and returning damage to enemies that hit him with basic attacks. Sounds pretty scary, right? 

Unfortunately, the bonus armor from his W is going to be nerfed in the upcoming LoL Patch 13.7, so we might see this strat weaken, but you still have a few days, so why don't you give it a try before the new League patch drops! Whenever Baus plays these types of champions, no matter how much of an int it is, he looks to be having a lot of fun. 

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