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These skins look great!

LoL: New La Ilusión Skins - Everything You Need To Know

Skins 12-09-2023 18:25

It's time to pack things up and move to Mexico, with the brand-new skin line from League of Legends – La Ilusión!

La ilusion renata
La Ilusion Skins: Renata is finally getting a Prestige skin. | © Riot Games

The next new skin line has been revealed. While a lot of recent skins have been inspired by eastern-Asian culture, this time we're heading south of the American border to celebrate the day of the dead. 

With a bunch of champions getting new skins you're probably itching to find out whether your main got a new skin, right? Well let's go over La Ilusión right now to find out which champions will be looking snazzy in the upcoming League of Legends patch. 

LoL La Ilusión Skins: Champions and Cost

Six champions will be getting brand-new skins in League of Legends in the upcoming patch, with one even receiving a prestige skin this time around. While some of the skin choices seem odd on paper for La Ilusión, they all somehow work perfectly when looking at them. 

Skin NameChampionSkin TierPrice
La IlusiónDravenEpic1350 RP
La IlusiónGnarEpic1350 RP
La IlusiónZiggsEpic1350 RP
La IlusiónQiyanaEpic1350 RP
La IlusiónNidaleeEpic1350 RP
La IlusiónRenata GlascEpic1350 RP
La Ilusión Prestige EditionRenata GlascMythic125 ME

Some players feel that Milio would have been perfect for this skin line and that he was snubbed, but there is always a chance for the skins to return in the future where he would definitely be the first candidate for a skin. 

Qiyana and Nidalee feel authentic with these looks, with the colour scheme of Gnar being pretty popular as well. 

Release Date for Upcoming La Ilusión Skins in LoL

These skins will be released with LoL Patch 13.19. With the patch planned for September 27, the skins should be available in the League of Legends skin shop by September 28. 

Are you ready to celebrate the day of the dead, ahead of the spooky month with a brand-new skin line? This one is stylish and cool with a dramatic flair unlike any other that we've had in a while. 

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