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New League of Legends Champion Milio - Everything We Know So Far

News 22-03-2023 12:40
Milio Splash Art
Here is everything you need to know about Milio! | © Riot Games

Milio will be the first male enchanter to come into League of Legends, and we cannot wait to see what this champion has to offer.  From the champion's lore to his abilities, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming champion.

With over 160 champions, League of Legends still has new champion concepts coming in 2023. The first champion making an appearance in the new year will be none other than the support champion, Milio. This champion will be a young boy from Ixtal, and as already mentioned, he will be the first-ever male enchanter making it into League of Legends. 

We are super excited to see what Riot Games is bringing our way in regard to this little guy, and from some recent leaks, it looks like we are looking at a pretty unique kit for Milio. Here, you will learn everything there is to know about the new champion.

League of Legends: Milio Lore

Ixtal Palace
Ixtal Palace | © Riot Games

Milio comes from Ixtal, a place filled with historical artifacts secluded from the rest of the world, deep in the jungle. Other champions from this place include Zyra, Malphite, Nidalee, Qiyana, Rengar, and Neeko. Ixtal is a place known for its elemental magic, which also encompasses Milio with his special fire abilities that he uses to do good.  We do not know that much about Milio's lore yet since he is not even released at this point. However, the Riot team did give us some teasers in the LoL Season 2023 Video

From the video, we learn that the Vidalion will prove itself to be the biggest challenge of this young enchanter's life. According to the League of Legends Wiki, The Vidalion is an "ancient artifact that can weave magic into material form" located in the chamber at the center of Ixtal's capital city, Ixaocan. 

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Milio's journey to Ixaocan will broaden his horizon, both good and bad. On one side, he gets to go on an adventure to see new places and will get to know new people. On the other, he will be brought closer to the dark secrets of the Yun Tal. The Yun Tal is the ruling Ixaocan caste of Ixtal. They are a group of talented and wise elementalists working to preserve the secrets of Ixtal. Every member wears special clothing vowed from the Vidalion and is meant to showcase a person's special elemental power. For Milio, this would be fire.

Some of you might already know about the Yun Tal from the champion Qiyana. She is one of the ten daughters of the current occupants of the Yun Tal high seats and is plotting to take over and become its single ruler of the caste.  

League of Legends: Milio's Abilities

Milio enchanter support
LoL: Milio Abilities | © Riot Games

If you were looking for another fire champion like Brand, we hate to disappoint you. Our special little fire boy will rather use his elemental fire magic to heal and protect his allies. Some people have compared his play style to similar to the one of Lulu or even Soraka. So what do you think, is this champion for you? 

If you are still not convinced, let's take a closer look at his abilities!

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Passive - Fired Up

Milio's abilities enchant their allies on touch, giving them an additional burst of damage and burn on their next attack or spell.

Q - Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Milio's Q kicks a ball, knocking back the enemy's first hit by the spell. On a hit, the ball bounces behind the target, damaging and slowing enemies in the area upon impact. You got to love that ability name, right?

W - Cozy Campfire

Milio's W creates an empowering sone that increases the Attack Range and heals the allies within the zone. The zone follows the ally nearest to the point where the ability was cast. 

E - Warm Hugs

Milio shields an ally, increasing their movement speed temporarily.

R - Breath of Life

Milio's ultimate releases a "wave of soothing flames," healing and removing all crowd control effects from the allies in range. This ultimate will be great against champions like Leona or Thresh!

When Will Milio Be Released in League of Legends? 

If you are as excited to play the new champion as we are, we have good news for you! Milio is set to be released on March 22, 2023! Will you be buying the champion immediately or waiting until he is free-to-play?

And there you have it! Everything there is to currently know about Milio. Do you think this champion can become your new main, or does he not fit your style? 

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